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It’s one thing learning about Total Immersion (which I had practiced within an inch of its life), and another doing it on race day.

What with the woman in front kicking me in the head, the woman behind hitting my feet with every stroke and not being able to see more than a foot in front of my face in the green murky lake, I ended up doing breaststroke. Now you would think a pair of goggles is just a pair of goggles right? A pair of Aquasphere Vista Goggles is to swimming apparel what Christian Louboutin is to footwear.

Triathlon first-timer Susannah Taylor explains the highs and lows of training for her toughest hour of exercise yet When I first decided to train for a triathlon, I actually had never been on a road bike (a bike with thin wheels and many gears aimed at going super fast).

Not only that, but I decided it would be a wonderful idea to wear cleats on my first outing.

Spending most of her time in the outdoors she developed her strong work ethic and love of nature: gardening, fishing, hunting, and foraging wild edibles on their 100-acre property were a part of daily life.

During her twenties, Debbie completed nursing school and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2004. After starting their family, they relocated to La Crosse, Wisconsin in 2007.

However, what you forget when wearing cleats for the first time, is that you can’t just put your feet down, you have to click them out first. I went 3 yards and fell off, feet still in tact with the pedals, much to the hilarity of my husband. The same week I was so busy concentrating on how my gears worked, I fell into a ditch.

A few days later I didn’t see the end of the pool (don’t ask), and smacked head-first into the end. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of a triathlete, you'll hear them talking tri-lingo.

Debbie is always pushing herself beyond her so-called limits; she enjoys doing what may seem to others as crazy or impossible.I do the school drop off in it and am often wearing leggings and vests for half the weekend so I can go straight for a run whenever I get the chance.On race day you will also be squeezed into a wetsuit which leaves nothing to the imagination. Lucas Hugh and my new Salabasana Reversible yoga Capris from Sweaty Betty. You do breast stroke in a triathlon, it’s just that front crawl is much more efficient, and you use your legs less, which means you save them for the bike and run.Standing on bank of Blenheim Palace’s lake we were all told to give each other a hug pre race (cute, or so I thought) and there was a sense we were all in this together. Those women who had embraced me a minute earlier were kicking, grappling, and even swimming over each other and on the bikeride they screamed ‘LEFT! In order to feel really confident swimming across a lake doing front crawl I went for swimming lessons with a local teacher in Oxfordshire.Sibylle taught me a process called Total Immersion where balance and streamlining your stroke and body increases propulsion.(Pedal cleats, if you don’t know – I didn’t, do now - are the cycling shoes you’ll spot on every cycling pro).They lock into your pedals so you can push and pull hard and seamlessly on the pedals).It’s about smooth rolling and stretching movements in the water in order to be as streamlined as possible and not trying to overpower the water which is a common mistake My biggest breakthrough was that kicking should only be 5% of my output.Once I stopped kicking so hard I felt I could swim forever.Although some of her survival skills are fairly new, she is confident and feels her ability to stay calm under pressure, her mental toughness, and positive attitude will help her get through the challenge.She looks forward to being immersed in nature throughout the challenge, where she draws inspiration.


  1. Sep 3, 2010. I love the colors black, white, pink, nude, cocoa, and the pink matches my Powertri kit perfectly. Again, I'm back to the vanity, yes I love the thin straps, so flattering, and the back? LOVE it! The bra comes with removable pads that looked kind of bulky before I put it on, but they so totally work with this bra.

  2. Aug 31, 2014. You need to invest in suitable race attire warning it gets expensive. Let's just say that a long training bike ride one day left me walking like John Wayne because I didn't have padded shorts. You can't really scrimp triathlon kit. Here are the things every girl should have - A racing bike – I have a Pendleton.

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