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Self-taught chef Travis Lett’s modern American cuisine is firmly rooted in the abundance of farmers market findings, and both the fire pit and wood-burning oven speak to the restaurant's ardent rusticity, much like the unshaven faces and shabbily artful outfits of the typical patrons.

Crispy, thin-crust pizzas and a roster of creatively prepared vegetable dishes reveal a minimalist sensibility that requires lots of attention to detail.

Chef Russell Moore opened Camino with Allison Hopelain in 2008 after spending 20 years at Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse (see No.

17) where he wrote the menu for the upstairs cafe for at least 12 years.

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No dish is ever featured twice, and no two visits (as long as they’re a month apart) are ever the same.

He has brought the same ethos of fresh, local, and seasonal foods — and daily menus — to his endeavor.

There are just three fires going in the kitchen at Camino, and so there are only three rotating main courses, each the responsibility of a single cook every night.

Chef Curtis Stone was best known as that strapping Aussie from competition cooking shows — but then he went ahead and shocked Los Angeles in 2014 by opening one of the best restaurants the city’s seen in years.

Named after Stone’s grandmother, the 25-seat Maude’s concept takes the local and seasonal approach to the extreme: One seasonal ingredient is the focus of a ten-course, 5 to 0 tasting menu that changes monthly.


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