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New yorker article on computer dating

As described, interactions seem terribly uncomfortable, buggy, and intrusive. On the other hand, he seems to have adapted, and, indeed reports that he was quite attracted to the experience, however flawed. The main thing he used the device for is to take images and video (from his own viewpoint), which he uploads to the world.

However, the Internet has led people to believe there is always something better out there, making them view online dating as more of a continuous game or sport.Clearly, it is designed for twenty somethings with excellent vision (and who don’t wear corrective glasses).There are many points of interest for a psychologist, as well.The oddities of the interface actions (flipping eyes and head, talking to the glasses, touching the temple) are not likely to fit smoothly into regular conversation.The thousand mile stare as the person attends to the display instead of the spouse is definitely going to be noticed, as he found first hand.Shteyngart sums it up nicely, worrying that this device makes him ““a curator of my life rather than a participant”.He tells us about the actual interface, which, as a computer scientist, I view as pretty badly designed.Add to this the fact that the Google Glass is potentially imaging and broadcasting at any time, though it’s difficult to be sure whether it is recording you or not.There are bound to be issues about unexpected and unpermitted snooping.The latter would seem to be totally disorienting, at least to me.I should say that another key “application” Shteyngart did was to attract the esteem of strangers, especially hip young things.


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