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After the cabinet meeting in 2009, she was one of 300 women sex workers in her village who received a grant of 15,000 rupees (7). The one-time grant helped her take care of her family but only for a short amount of time, she says, and she has not received skills training or been offered better job prospects.

I was frightened,” Badi says of her first experience as a sex worker. Being a sex worker is the only way Badi can take care of herself, a deaf brother, two sick in-laws and nephews and nieces, she says.

Women from the Badi community, a minority group in Nepal, have historically worked in the sex trade.

Some women have tried to find other jobs, including washing dishes in hotels, but they have been unsuccessful, she says.

“The hotel owners would not give us work, telling us that nobody eats on the dishes that Badi people wash,” she says.


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