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My ex boyfriend is dating another girl

Usually there aren’t clear-cut indicators your girlfriend has feelings for another guy.

When you ask her what’s wrong, chances are pretty good she’s not going to be straight up with you.

Simply put, if she is always wondering about where he is and what he’s up to, that’s just trouble.

Time for you to think about what you truly want, need and deserve.

Other times, she means to hurt you and when that’s the case, you know she isn’t ready to give you all of her. If they are pissed with their current boyfriend, they will pull the “old boyfriend” card. What this is telling you is that she still isn’t over him, no matter what she says, and you need to accept this and deal with it.

Newsflash…If she was over her old beau, she sure as heck wouldn’t be hurting you this way. If any relationship is truly over, both people usually just stay away from each other.

If she still loves him, no matter how much this hurts, she won’t be able to stay away from him. When a girl is remembering the small things from a past relationship, that’s a fairly strong signal she isn’t ready to move on with you.

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If she is always talking about her ex, whether with her friends or just you, that’s not a good sign.If she is remembering the small things, that other guy is in her brain and that’s not good news for you.For instance, if she is humming old songs or talking about the favorite restaurants she used to go to, her heart just isn’t yours.The final straw is demanding some space for you so she can figure herself out. You can have patience and understanding but you need to know where to draw the line.What you need to do is have an open and honest conversation with her.If she talks lovingly about him or acts like he is still her best friend, you best be careful.Sometimes, this is done unconsciously, where she really doesn’t know she is doing it.Perhaps, she might tell you it was an accident but she might very well have planned to bump into her ex.Maybe she knows where he tends to eat and hangout and happens to show up there frequently. If your girlfriend feels she is obligated to be there for her ex-boyfriend, that’s seriously not a good sign.If suddenly your girl wants to be friends with her ex because he has nobody else, you need to keep your guard up.If she’s telling you he’s such a nice guy and there’s no reason you can’t be friends, you might want to think about your relationship with her and seriously lay the cards on the table.


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