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My cup of tea dating sim

Kyle Kyle is our blond surfer boy, with little else to add to the party.He’s fun and easy going, with a bland sense of humor and those beautiful blue eyes.If you’d rather not progress the plot, your home base also features a tiny dress-up game where you pick Sara’s clothes, call her friends on a novelty chicken phone, or keep track of gifts your date gets you.No matter what you do it’s gonna make the music start, stop and loop at the weirdest places, so I recommend muting the tab.

While one could argue that Ian was the best looking of the boys, he certainly isn’t any more unique.Sasha Our surprise/secret date is a lesbian, making this our first same-sex option on this series.I’m not a lesbian myself but I played Sasha’s route and, surprisingly, found her to be the most well written.I have a guess that it requires getting the numbers up to 1500 or more, but certain mechanics take up whole days to get done, making that number almost impossible to reach.Between working to afford the expensive gifts and taking a whole day for the date, I just didn’t have enough time.It’s trippy and innocent in its own right, and I think it works well for a younger audience.Impressively, this comical and wacky style does not translate to the date-able characters, who look decent for free-form mouse.The free-form art feels loopy and unstructured, and I have a distinct feeling that I could throw water on it and wash it all away.That being said, the silly, cartoony feel of the art fits with Nummyz’s self-aware, self-deprecating style of sim.All the while, he calls you a “stalker” and insults your appearance, eventually caving via constant exposure.For all Liger’s pretty features and sexual ambiguity, I can’t find anything to balance out Liger’s uptight demeanor.


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