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Multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

Then after making data changes in your spreadsheet (daily, weekly, monthly or whenever) you simply “Re-Publish” in XLPublish and your Power BI Dashboards will immediately reflect that change. No Data Gateways, No DBA’s, just YOUR data for YOUR Dashboard for YOUR Data Consumers ! There are millions of people out there in my estimate who, at least in their own minds, think they are building responsible, reliable models for their bosses. Excel’s Native Power BI Weaknesses: I also know that Microsoft is out there promoting their “Native” Power BI capabilities. This is good at one level as it is actually introducing many to Power BI for the first time But sadly, after extensive research on the capabilities of Power BI to “Pull” Excel data and Excel’s capability to “Push” data to Power BI it is my conclusion that neither of these offerings was what I would call “Industrial Strength” and are in fact going to lead users into a wall of pain … I therefore decided that there had to be a way to help business users get value from Power BI using their existing Excel models as quickly as possible, with incremental progress rather than a “big-bang”, producing not just a short-term intermediate solution but truly reliable “Production” solutions for long-term use. With it you simply select the Table, Range, Chart or Pivot Table that you wish to Publish to Power BI as the source for a Visual there and “Publish” it ! You data will be instantly refreshed in your Power BI Dashboards. For example, you can't add any of the following features, and in some cases you can't even change the existing items: If you do need to create a shared workbook, check the list of restricted features, and make sure you have everything set up exactly the way you want it, before you share the file.

That disruption is because all anyone wants to talk about are BIG all-encompassing BI solutions.

a loong posting that is effectively a White Paper, I guess.

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With the addition of the Data Model, Power Query and DAX measures and KPIs and all the many ways to connect to external corporate data sources, Excel is perfectly placed to become the go-to middleware between your data and your Reports in Power BI.

In addition there are millions and millions of people who already know how to use Excel, have faith in it and are looking for the next “story” in the distribution of their spreadsheet results. Like it or not Excel is where today’s “BI” work is done and will be for a looong time (or maybe forever). The Lay Of The Land: I know that 10’s of millions of people in millions of companies Worldwide use Microsoft Excel to do their analysis of their businesses (not all financial as it also includes Operations, Warehousing, Production, HR, etc. I also know that many of those spreadsheets are not the greatest designs in the World …


  1. Feb 03, 2018 Brutal Editorial Honesty This post is intended to convince you to try the XLPublish Add-In for Excel in your work and in your organization. Please read on

  2. Is there a way to collaborate with someone on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in. in that updating doesn't occur automatically and. multiple users can edit.

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