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Ms Morissette's comments come on the heels of a debate raised by Time magazine, which recently featured a cover photo of Los Angeles mother Jamie Lynne Grumet standing up and breastfeeding her 3-year-old son.

The cover separated mothers into two camps - those who choose not to breastfeed after the American Academy of Pediatrics' one-year recommendation, and those that regard extended breastfeeding as essential in a child's development.

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The present paper sought to critically review existing theories that have been postulated for intimate partner aggression in general and specifically for dating violence.

I would put all my attention and focus on my relationship and give my lover way too much power.

I didn’t just do it with Ryan, it was a pattern of mine.

A US citizen since 2005, her Los Angeles life of veganism, motorbiking, naked hot-tubbing and new-age therapies has given way to ‘too little sleep and too much coffee’ since she became a mother.

In her first major interview since then she reveals the horrors of her postnatal depression, how marriage has broken the cycle of destructive relationships – and why an The last album [Flavors of Entanglement, 2008] was my break-up record.


  1. Recent research has consistently demonstrated that a significant proportion of dating relationships are characterized by violent interactions.

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  3. Destructive relationships and low self-esteem informed much of angsty singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette’s material. But life is now striking a sweeter.

  4. Pearl Morissette produces some of Canada’s most unique wines through methods so conventional that they have become unconventional. It is this ethos that unveils.

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