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Letting go of a relationship Many are realising it is never too late to find true love and choosing to break free from the societal norms and start fresh. I did the difficult work of rebuilding my self-esteem so I could love myself enough to choose the “right” girlfriend. When I mention the term “inner child” to people, I sometimes get funny looks but as soon I delve into past memories and the subsequent past feelings, my clients begin to connect and begin the process of healing the hurt and grief of their childhood experiences.Being single at any age is scary but facing the thoughts of starting from scratch and going through the dating game can put anyone off leaving a miserable yet secure marriage. This wasn’t easy, there were times I felt very low, but such is life and we always have to move forward, even when we are looking back. Mine has always been psychotherapy, being driven by the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. I went back to college and invested in my own growth. This can be a liberating process and one can find a freedom never experienced before.If you have any children, there is a strong chance they are hitting the 12 to 19 age group.Your own stress levels have reached an all-time high. Other issues men within this age group might face include: Empty nest syndrome As your adult child moves out, you might find you have more alone time, more time to ruminate over the negative aspects of your life.Despite this, there is a view in society that older people have nothing to offer and are less relevant, especially to the younger generation who are more interested in life achievement over life experience and have little respect for the knowledge older people have to share.Health issues As the body weathers the storm, the storm can still take its toil. never smoke, drink infrequently, limit fried or sugary food, exercise regularly you might be lucky to avoid any health risks.All this aside, I haven’t touched on the physical effects deep psychological wounds can have on the body: high blood pressure due to carrying anger, shallow breathing, extreme tension, chronic tiredness due to emotional state, and skin conditions such as psoriasis which has been described as the skin screaming to be heard. If you’re reading this, then chances are you are worried about someone you know and are not sure what to do or you are in this age group yourself and looking for change but are not sure where to start.

Questioning family roles When men come to counselling for help with their relationships, I like to spend time reflecting on their family of origin. We all have basic needs, such as love, support and security.

Children moving away Giving your children the freedom to live their own lives is the greatest gift you could give. If it bothers you so much cutting the apron cords, then its time to look at your own childhood. Have you had experiences in the past where someone very close you left you?

Has your child moving out triggered grief in you which you have tried your best to avoid? Are you a chronic worrier who needs to control loved ones actions for your own piece of mind?

This said, we live in a society where bad food is everywhere and cheap.

Cigarettes are one of the most addictive and easily accessible substances on the planet.


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