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(0600 GMT) to return to the South, said Kim Ho-nyeon, a spokesman at the South Korean Unification Ministry.

South Korea's Coast Guard said the vessel crossed into South Korean waters and was sailing toward a southern port.

I really needed to get back and write about the ship collision, because I wanted to be able to stop it from happening, but knew I couldn't do that.

I was running out of orange paint at that point so the western states didn't get as much orange paint as they deserved.The first one showed me a dark blue loose leaf black bound book with a dark blue cover that said simple: SURVIVAL The other two showed me a page of dark blue seed beads lined up, also referring to the danger to ships, and when I attempted to touch the dark blue seed beads, they turned to a page of dark and dirty seed beads.I can't say for certain what this means, but it's not good.She said that she was going to be quoting liberally from that book.I wanted to tell her about my dream about the ships but was reluctant at that point. Just as I left, I told her about the ship collision that I had dreamed and left the building.However, its two other crew members were rescued by the South Korean vessel that was transporting sand from the North, according to the Unification Ministry.The South Korean ship subsequently sailed to North Korea's Jangjon Port for questioning, the ministry official said.As I got back to my own office building, I ran into two people who had injured themselves.Both were wearing grey gabardine coveralls like workman.SEOUL, South Korea: North Korea allowed a South Korean cargo vessel to return home Wednesday after investigating its crew members over a ship collision that left two North Koreans dead, an official said.North Korea told South Korea in a telephone call that the cargo ship carrying seven people left a North Korean port around 3 p.m.


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