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Long valley nj dating services

Along Mill Road, acres of farm fields remain interspersed among old stone houses, historic barns and mills, and open access to the river.

The south branch of the Raritan River runs parallel to the road and, in the center of town, under a picturesque quadruple stone arch bridge that brings cars up steep Schooleys Mountain. , a five-month-long effort to get voters to talk to one another, in advance of this fall’s gubernatorial election.

Bill Wolgamuth, president of the local Republican club and his wife Myra were teaching in Plainfield in the 1960s when they decided to move to Long Valley. “We truly, truly love the area,” said Wolgamuth, who went on to become principal of the high school in neighboring Mount Olive, a position from which he retired 25 years ago.

“We live on probably one of the most beautiful roads in the area …

More than 10,000 acres are farmland, 34 percent of the township’s total acreage.

There are traditional farms, horse farms, Christmas tree farms, a sheep creamery making and selling cheese, and an agritourism destination with activities for children that also sells produce and flowers.

At some point, something will have to give.” Still, it’s a community where Grobels and her husband remain happy.

A brochure on the history of the township relates that it was settled in the early 1700s by a group of Dutch who came to the New World fleeing religious persecution.

By the mid-1700s, Germans fleeing war and famine were the predominant settlers, building mills, establishing farms, and erecting many of the houses that still stand.

For instance, last week a bobcat — possibly rabid — jumped through an open window into a farmhouse on East Mill Road, prompting a woman who had recently moved in to flee with her two children into a bathroom and lock the door.

The bobcat eventually jumped back out the window and it, or a different cat, was captured across town in a barn.


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