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routing number, check account number, check number, date on check, financial institution, along with user/depositor's name, and transaction data) request has been submitted for online check and/or money deposit (or check/money order cashing)—includes scanning and depositing (front and back) an endorsed check image (and/or money order) online through Wireless Transmission (WEDS), onto a wireless network, that links to an OMS (using WEDS), where the user can log in, set preferences, and begin OMS processing (Infrared beam, on device to allow stored images from device to be beamed onto printer or wireless, Bluetooth 802.11 enabled device, with Intel inside); processing wireless check cashing capability where user scans front and back of the endorsed check, and/or substitute check (or money order) and wirelessly delivers to OMS using WEDS; after logging on, user must use his or her web cam (web camera) which identifies and records user's actions and request for check and/or money order cashing (also can be used for check deposit requests) by capturing and storing the face image, live image of the user, to verify that face feature imprint is identical to picture of customer/user taken at the bank, and recorded for fraud protection as a picture and data transaction file, in addition to system recording user's ISP (internet service provider) address (in addition to LAN—local area network for computer network communication processing area) to locate (an approximation of) where user was at time of request, and what device user was using (i.e.Internet connection from dial up, or cable modem desktop, dial up service provider on cell phone/pda, etc.), and user id (identification) used to log in to process and request transaction through OMS account access, which is navigated on a secure website, and user is (optional) pre-fingerprinted at bank before use of check cashing option (substitute check is valid through Check 21 Century Act, effective, October 2004); OMS recognizes live web cam connection, and captures image of user to record proof of user transaction for security; System can detect whether the live cam is activated, and whether or not a live individual is present at time of transaction in order to allow user to submit request—during processing of request, system captures image (picture) of user requesting to cash check and/of money order and verifies validity of the picture (ie.

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WEDS enables verification and transmittal of image, OMS is the navigation tool used to set commands and process requests, integrated with WEDS, working collectively as WEDS. OMS”; Method and Apparatus for Depositing and Cashing Ordinary paper and/or substitute checks and money orders online Wirelessly from home computer (pc and/or mac compatible), office computer, laptop, Internet enabled mobile phone, Internet enabled mobile device, Internet enabled pda (personal digital assistant) and/or any Internet enabled device; Wireless Electronic Check Deposit Scanning and Cashing Machine (wireless data transmission) with web-based cash management computer application System Controlling (wireless navigating) permits wireless transmission of data (endorsed check image and/or money order image) through WEDS and wireless navigation and control of that data through the OMS wireless computer network (where it is transmitted to) and web-based computer controlled application system (where it is controlled and linked to) so the OMS acts a 24 hour, 7 day a week virtual teller that receives, verifies and processes requests to expedite deposit transactions and cash checks and money orders for immediate funds availability in an Online, Wireless Environment; WEDS functionality of the invention allows the wireless data transmission from the device to be transmitted and delivered to the (wireless) computer network, which is where processing begins through the OMS, the online account navigation system, comprising of the steps of: A unique, secure Wireless Electronic Check Deposit Scanning and Cashing Machine (also known and referred to as WEDS); And web-based Online account cash Management computer application System (also known and referred to as OMS virtual/live teller) is used to wirelessly Scan, Verify, Capture and (wirelessly) Transmit the image of an (front and back) endorsed check (and/or money order) image to deliver to a wireless computer network (using WEDS), that is linked and delivered to a web-based computer application software controller system program for processing (which is the OMS)—which acts as virtual teller (verify and process request for online check deposit, clearing/moving check owner's funds into user/depositor checking account for check dollar amount; performing the action of an electronic funds transfer, also known as an ETF—wired into user's/depositor's account), linked and delivered to a secure site where user/depositor's account receives, controls, and confirms the transaction request (through the OMS), by confirming endorsed check image data for online check deposit(s) and setting online user preferences and input typing verification of check data delivered to the online account management system (OMS) before request to deposit (i.e.

For more about Pay Pal, please see Pay Pal on Wikipedia and Pay Pal's website.

You may also order from Fast Tech without using Pay Pal.

However, we also accept credit card payments in our office as well as online.

If you would like to mail your payment, please send it to us at the address below: Covenant College Accounting Office 14049 Scenic Highway Lookout Mountain, GA 30750 If you would like to pay in person, please visit our office, which is located on the North end of Carter Hall in room 147.


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  2. The Accounting Office is responsible for all aspects of the College's finances, including cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, student account payments, budgeting, purchasing, and financial reporting. Payment Options We recommend that student bills be paid by cash, paper check, or e-check only a.

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  5. CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD OR E-Check. Via Official Payments website. Payments can be made by clicking on the payment option above, by phone by calling Official Payments at 1-877-533-0074, or at the payment counter in the District. A convenience fee of $5.95 will be charged by Official Payments for any payment.

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