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Lets end dating violence sims dating gam

Or if they’re allowed to go to a private area or if they must stay in the family room.Talk about what to look for in a romantic partner, qualities that are important and not just superficial.Remind kids that alcohol and drugs impair our abilities to handle our emotions and actions.They do not excuse our actions, but we tend to not make good choices when we’re under the influence.Talk about what they should do if they find themselves in a scary situation.Discuss rules for friends coming to the house if you’re not home.

It’s important to recognize teen dating violence, but it’s even better to learn teen dating violence prevention and what to do if you recognize trouble!How we raise our children from infancy and continuing throughout their lives helps set the expectations for relationships.Children who are raised in homes with abusive behaviors are much more likely to grow up to be in an abusive relationship. Children who feel unloved might look for love in all the wrong places, trying to please others and end up being taken advantage of. Kids need defined limits, but an ability to learn and grow into independence with experience.Talk to your kids about healthy choices and as they mature, allow them to make more decisions about what they do, when they do things, and who they are around.If you feel they aren’t making safe choices, let them know why. There’s no faster way to turn a teen off to a conversation than putting him or her down or by making them feel like they’re being lectured.We also put ourselves at risk of a forced sexual encounter when we’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.Date rape can also occur if someone slips a substance into a drink, so they should always carry their drink or get a new one from a trusted source.Kids need help learning to stand up for themselves and to deal with anger and disappointment in a healthy way. Life typically presents many opportunities to model these behaviors. Use positive phrases, respectful words, and compliment one another. Take equal share of responsibilities and decisions.Do things with your significant other and with other people. Always spending time together isn’t healthy and doesn’t allow you to each follow your own interests.If the friend does not change behaviors, they should take a break from the friendship.It’s best to start talking about healthy relationships before your child starts dating.


  1. Celebrate Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month with us!

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