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For now, the immediate basic needs of the Syrian people must be met.

The largest refugee cluster in Lebanon has serious health and educational inadequacies including a lack of running, clean water and sanitary facilities.

She says, ‘most people here do not want any military attack, nor do they see taking hold of chemical weapons as being the answer.

They believe a political solution has to be forced.’ With memories of US intervention in Iraq still raw, and stories of Syria’s violent conflict commonplace, it is understandable that Lebanon favours diplomacy above force.

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However, despite being divided along political lines between those who support President Assad and those who oppose him, Ghosn says most people in Lebanon believe Assad has to be uprooted in order for there to be lasting peace.

The UN estimates 70% of Syria’s refugees are women and children.

Ghosn says it is vital we ‘encourage the international community to donate more funds’.

However, as Nouha Ghosn, President of WILPF Lebanon, explains, this huge number tells only half the story.

‘Many Syrian refugees refrain from registering for security reasons.


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  5. Lebanon's Burden The Crushing Consequences of Syria's Refugee Crisis. October 8, 2013. Diplomatic strides have averted a US-led military strike on Syria, but as the conflict rages, one particular neighbour is paying a heavy price. Chloe Corbin talks to Nouha Ghosn, President of WILPF Lebanon, about the extent of.

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