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Usually the way we write, we’ll jam on a song and whoever starts singing first ends up singing those parts. I was always really academic in school but I didn’t want to do a degree that had any practical application, I wanted to study something that would make me think.Very occasionally we change it around – for example [in] “This is Not for You,” I originally sang the verses, but Laura did it better so we changed it around. SA: We did those photos a long time ago, with a friend, before our band was really known at all.SA: We would have stayed the whole time but we had a tour booked in the US, which was a very important part of the record actually, so it was good that we did it. That’s, at the moment, what I'm really trying to do. Steven, I heard that simultaneous drumming and singing made you sick. In the old days, I just used to puke at every show because I just used to get so fucking hot.LM-C: We did like a support tour with The Joy Formidable and then our own stuff. You'll end up like Sonic Youth: going around the country with trucks full of stuff in case you want to play that one album track. And I don't really sing properly – I sort of yell, which is like you're heaving up loads of air. SA: The thing you realize is that when you sweat loads, you're losing all the salts and other shit. I think they sound more honest, and more emotive and a lot more like the “real us” than on the first album.SA: Yeh we felt like we didn’t really hit the mark as well as we should have with the first record so we put a big emphasis on getting our inner Led Zep across on the 2nd album.Steven Ansell: I'm not much of a sweets guy, though. SA: I mean, it's a really interesting, really strange, and from what I can tell it's a really conflicted country. But when you go there, the people you meet and what you experience is that everybody thinks that “Our government's really fucked up, what are we going to do about it?They've done it before,look: sweets, Club Mate, coffee. Laura-Mary Carter: Sorry if we seem a little bit like “urgh”, we're getting a little bit of a crash. We're on the right side of it because one of us can always answer. LM-C: We knew we didn't want to make another record in the UK and we wanted to write somewhere else initially so, I dunno. It was last minute in a way because we just wanted to write, and when we got there we wrote something and recorded it and it sounded pretty good. SA: The thing that struck me, that really summarized it for me, where we were living was right by Görlitzer Park, and it was great: there were drug dealers and everyone was fine with it and the police would walk right past them and just not fucking care. In fact, this record will be the first record that we've got even a label that anyone's heard of putting the record out. ” We don't go and play in the Kremlin to dickheads, do we?

And those bands seem to go hand in hand with a quite commercial view on their music and a willingness to play the game, it’s all a bit careerist.

I mean we both appreciate film, and have been getting into photography recently.

Laura-Mary was an art student before the band and she’s always maintained an interest in visual arts but we don’t really have much time for it!

SA: I think [on] the second album they sound much better.

I mean, they have more depth to them and aren’t always buried in double-tracks.


  1. Apr 3, 2014. Laura-Mary Carter guitars and Steven Ansell drums/vocals met through the Brighton punk scene – embodying its ethos in spirit if not immediately in sound and through Blood Red Shoes they've transplanted a. In the old days, I just used to puke at every show because I just used to get so fucking hot.

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  3. Sep 30, 2016. "This is sorta my way of just being me. not just as Laura-Mary Blood Red Shoes.". We will also be joined by the force of nature that is Laura-Mary Carter. I was really obsessed with lyrics and what a song was saying to me and after spending many years being more obsessed with Speedo from Hot.

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