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Couples who no longer touch or walk close together are easy to spot but sometimes the more subtle behaviors are even more accurate.An example of this is when couples touch each other with their fingertips rather than their full hand (distancing behavior) indicative of psychological discomfort.

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For example, taste something putrid and everyone around you will know from your expression; they don't need to taste it also.Obviously this can be very effective in determining how others feel about us and in evaluating how a relationship is evolving.Often when people sense that something is wrong in a relationship, what they are sensing are changes in body language displays.Conversely, when we see someone we really like, our eyebrows will arch defying gravity, our facial muscles will relax, and our arms become more pliable (even extended) so we can welcome this person.In the presence of someone we love, we will mirror their behavior (), tilt our heads, and blood will flow to our lips making them full, even as our pupils dilate.It doesn't have to think, it just reacts to the world in real time and our bodies show how we feel.Someone gives us bad news and our lips compress; the bus leaves without us and we are clenching our jaws and rubbing our necks.The limbic brain likes to classify the world in black and white terms; there is no gray area. You may intellectually know a particular snake is harmless but you react on an emotional and physiological manner as though it is deadly.The trouble is that we all do this based on a superficial basis based on things like a person's race.You can find more on Joe at a free nonverbal communications bibliography or follow him on twitter: @navarrotells. It's also worth noting a couple of its dangers: (1) Unconscious Bias: Due to the need to make quick life or death decisions the limbic system engages in stereotypical and binary thinking.People and things are classified as either something to avoid or something to approach without much specificity.


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