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La beouf dating

Shia La Beouf had a date with Hillary Duff in August 2002 when he was merely 17.Hillary Duff was his fellow star in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens.He was born in Los Angeles, California on 11th July 1986.He had a troubled childhood due to his father’s drug addiction and they were rather poor.Both of them later confessed that it was the worst date they ever had.When he was 18, he started having a relationship with Kiely Williams.

At the age of 10 due to financial decision, this comic actor, who loves to create story lines and fictitious tales, started to do stand-up comedy around his neighborhood.

"My thing was the 50-year-old mouth on the 10-year-old body," La Beouf excitedly explained when asked about that gig.

A year later, knowing that he couldn't get even further than comedy club in Pasadena, California, he looked for an agent through yellow pages, called them and did his routine.

He was raised in the mainly Latino working-class neighborhood, Echo Park and studied at a predominantly African-American school. His father didn't have one fix job and was on drugs.

Even worse, his parents eventually divorced leaving him to live with his mother.


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