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Kerry hilson dating

"What happens behind closed doors, that has become such a huge part of our interviews and what society wants to know about you…beyond the music," she shared.Hilson's last relationship and the subsequent breakup were so public, celebrated and at times even criticized, the Atlanta native admits to the mag that she has learned her lesson about how to approach a new relationship with her next boyfriend. I tell my friends I’d rather have a upward mobile, forward marching, good Christian man, over a rich guy who will treat me like however.

Posted by~Admin NBA star Serge Ibaka is being described as a “gift from God” by his girlfriend, singer Keri Hilson. I had a huge blockage on the types of guys I would date and just when I was – I had tweeted something, ‘I guess it’s time for me to adjust the parameters of ,’ or something like that, and it was months before meeting him actually, but it was just saying that sometimes you have to trust God and stop putting rules and limits and parameters on things.

I think Kerry's bhind is flat, high and square like a man.

She wears clothes to make the most of what she's got.

In a recent interview, Keri explained how Serge has changed her life for the better and why she changed her previous policy of never dating athletes. & what’s different about her now Thank you, first of all. That’s the word that I hear most often, for the past six months of my life, that I’m glowing. I’ve been in a I’m doing the same, but I think people can tell the difference. He gave me everything I wanted and everything I thought I didn’t want. The moment I accepted that, was the moment he came my way.

That’s just been a testament to the fact that people can really see your aura. Keri also talked about cooking up new jams and being in the studio with Timbaland working on some music.


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