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Josh farro is dating

In 2002, at age 13, vocalist Hayley Williams moved from her hometown Meridian, Mississippi to Franklin, Tennessee, where she met brothers Josh Farro and Zac Farro at a weekly supplemental program for home-schooled students.

In an interview with Hit Quarters the band's A&R at Atlantic, Steve Robertson, said, "She wanted to make sure that we didn't look at her as some straight to Top 40 pop princess.Williams and Farro are founding members of the group, while York, a high school friend of the original lineup, joined in 2007.Williams is the only member to appear on all five of Paramore's studio albums and has been the only constant member of the band.Paramore was originally supposed to release their music on Atlantic Records, but the label's marketing department decided it would be better for the image of the band to not have them attached to a major label.Instead, they released their music through the niche label Fueled by Ramen.The band's first song written together was "Conspiracy", which was later used on their debut album.At this time, they were touring the southeast, usually being driven by Williams' parents.In July, "Emergency" was released as the second single, the video again reuniting the band with director Shane Drake and featuring Hunter Lamb (rhythm guitar), who replaced Jason Bynum in December 2005.The video for "Emergency" showcased Paramore in another performance, this time fixing the members' bloody costumes.They then received a Best New Artist nomination at the 2008 Grammy Awards.Their 2009 follow-up, Brand New Eyes, is the band's second-highest charting album to date, landing at number two on the Billboard 200 with 175,000 first week sales.


  1. Feb 8, 2018. This alone was a strong basis from which to assume that me and their drummer, Zac Farro, would get on. For someone who has been in and out of an astronomically successful band for years—he and his brother Josh Farro, lead guitarist, left Paramore in 2010 and Zac rejoined last year—oddly, there are.

  2. ONGOING* It's March 2009 and Hayley hasn't kept in touch with the guys since their last tour. Still afraid of love, she meets a stranger who will change her life forever. a Tayley fanfic, AU where Taylor's not in the band. Language English; Words 16,390; Chapters 7/?; Kudos 4; Hits 61.

  3. Apr 20, 2017. Zac Farro on what drew him back to Paramore “Getting to spend time with Hayley and Taylor everyday”. April 20 2017. Drummer Zac Farro also opens up extensively on his return to the band after six years of absence. Farro. Lowe asks Zac about his brother, Josh, who exited Paramore at the same time.

  4. Apr 22, 2017. They had become one of the biggest bands in the world, yet it was hard to get past a bitter open letter that Williams's guitarist ex-boyfriend Josh Farro and. Times, with its Lionel Richie drums, heavily layered vocals and Daft Punk-style breakdown, you could easily imagine being their biggest hit to date.

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