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Whether you climb the 1,350 steps to the top of Kotor’s town wall dating back to the 9th century, navigate the canals and alleys of Venice, or take in a breathtaking sunset in Santorini, every moment will make your heart sing.

On this cruise you’ll visit Venice, Italy; Kotor, Montenegro; Corfu, Santorini, and Mykonos in Greece, and Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In a recent visit to Egypt, Ginsberg advised the leaders “not to use the US Constitution as a model” when “penning” their own government document.

the Federal Reserve Bank — for its funding, there is little chance that US Generals will bite the hand that feeds them and allow their soldiers to defend American citizens’ Constitutional rights in opposition to Levin’s treasonous NDAA.

Panama Canal Glatt Kosher Cruise and Tour 2018 - 2019 The Panama Canal is a ship lover's mecca.

Navigate the complex locks that make up the 48 miles of artificial waterway possible, then take on adventure in colorful Central America.

Hiding behind his theme that our Republic’s time-honored document is supposedly falling out of favor around the globe, Litpak attacks the US Constitution as being “terse and old.” Liptak expands his assault by giving numerous reasons justifying the Constitution’s supposed “waning influence.” The following distillation of Jew, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who sits on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Kosherica also provides a pre-cruise Shabbat option with Glatt Kosher meals.

Greek Isles Glatt Kosher Cruise and Tour 2018 - 2019 Take in the wonders of the Greek Isles on this cruise brimming with history and scenery.

Ports of call include Copenhagen in Denmark, Kiel (Hamburg) in Germany, Tallinn in Estonia, an overnight in St.

Petersburg, Russia, Helsinki in Finland, and overnight in Stockholm, Sweden, and Berlin, Germany.


  1. Sin dalla sua comparsa in edicola Eurosat offre ai lettori una precisa impostazione editoriale che partendo dal mondo del satellite abbraccia nel suo insieme l'intero.

  2. A FEATURE ARTICLE in the Jewish-owned New York Times entitled, “We the People Loses Appeal,” was published on February 6 2012. The piece, which trashes.

  3. The Internet's Largest List of Famous Jewish Actors and Actresses, Producers, Singers with their biographies, photographs, productions, and awards, all of it gathered.

  4. Le principali riviste italiane ed estere suddivise per categoria e nazioni. Tutti gli argomenti trattati da settimanali, mensili, bisettimanali e periodici con siti.

  5. Recuperiamo la funzione di cerniera tra la cultura europea e la cultura mediterranea per diventare artefici di un'azione politica innovativa.

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