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Is drew barrymore still dating justin long

So even when they have a six-week affair that's so romantic it's scored to the Cure's "Just Like Heaven," they don't necessarily assume they'll stay together when Erin's internship ends and she returns to her hometown of San Francisco.will no doubt get razzed for having such low-stakes conflict.Being bummed that plane tickets are prohibitively expensive at Christmastime is hardly the stuff of high romantic drama.But the fact is, most of our lives are made up of just such small disappointments.

There's just not quite enough Journalism student Erin (Barrymore) and record-label flack Garrett (Long) meet under realistically un-cute circumstances: At the end of a lousy day (he got dumped by his girlfriend; she realized her internship at a New York newspaper was leading nowhere), they go out, get hammered at a bar, and wind up at Garrett's place smoking pot and having sex.

I'll take that as an excuse to cling to the hope that romantic comedy, that poor, maligned, once-glorious filmic genre, may someday rise again.

While his ex was busy getting married, the actor was busy with his new leading lady!

I liked that the movie presents these characters' fondness for partying not as wild debauchery but as matter-of-fact part of a certain young-adult lifestyle.

Garrett and Erin aren't pie-eyed kids; they're in their early 30s, old enough to have lived through painful past relationships and to chafe at the limitations of their less-than-fulfilling jobs.


  1. Going the Distance Justin Long, Drew Barrymore, Christina Applegate, Nanette Burstein Movies & TV. Frequently bought together. iTines digital copy, while expired, still worked for me as of January 2015, and I have had this bluray for a couple of years, just thought I would try the copy as I had forgotten it.

  2. Aug 31, 2010. An interview with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long for their new R-rated romantic comedy GOING THE DISTANCE. Early on in the film, you guys have a dinner date where you're sharing information about yourselves, and you talk about your favorite things. What are your own favorite albums or movies?

  3. Sep 30, 2015. ET confirms that Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long have broken up after being together for two years. The newly single Seyfried was all smiles at an Oceana event in Beverly Hills, California on Monday night, and was even spotted by an ET onlooker casually chatting with a man who appeared to be.

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