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If there were to be a season 4, they'd all be in college. Everyone looks bewildered, but no one actually does anything.

Unless they'll reveal a "Hollywood Arts University", what will they do? Or is Dan plotting to make Cat and Jade a couple, which will stir up controversy amongst the idiots that still live in the 1900's and can't accept that homosexuality is nothing taboo, then it will end up knocked off the network? (seemed like the doctors wanted her to stay for quite a while...) and after dealing with Rex why diden't her friends go looking for her? During How Trina Got In in both Andre's and Sikowitz's version of the story Sinjin is already enrolled in Hollywood Arts, and he says he's been here for a year.

He looked over to Cat who was standing in the corner with an empty red plastic cup in her hand. Beck smiled and walked over to her."Do you know how loud it is in here? They stopped in a room that was completely quiet."You know, Becky, I realy*hiccup* love your hair." She says playing with his hair. Her hands let go of Beck's hair and trailed down his body and pushed him onto the bed. They began kissing so rapidly it was impossible to see. I just stopped vomiting last night." Cat skipped up to the brunettes."Hey!

The school would either have to accommodate or the incoming student would have to be rejected or wait until the following year. In "Driving Tori Crazy" Tori goes to school six days in a row.But he also says his father bought the RV, so isn't it still his parent's roof?Why is it that Jade gets praised for the horrible things she does, but when Robbie throws a few insults, he deserves all the abuse he gets?Maybe it's just me, but it seems inconveniant to have to walk outside and to the house if you wake up in the middle of the night and need to go.2; He says he lives in there because his parents said he had to listen to them because he lived under their roof, so his roof his rules. (Showing a lot of anger)Cat: I'm sorry daddy It was an accident. Marissa sweetie, it was a mistake but we are here for you.*Smiles at Cat and Glares at Andre*Cat hugs Jade. " She says rubbing her stomach."Of course." Jade looked at Beck."I wonder if she still has a hangover." She says... Because, stories take hours and sometimes days to make. Honestly I will not continue this story unless I get reviews. Beck moaned quietly."You like that, don't you Becky? Cat giggles and takes hers off to, revealing a cupcake bra. She reattaches her lips to his and they fall back onto the bed. Jade has done far worse things, and yet people love her. , Beck goes out with a girl that's the complete opposite of Jade, someone who has no personality of her own and agrees with everything her boyfriend says.He breaks up with this girl and goes back to Jade because he wants a girl that presents a challenge.


  1. Are beck and jade from victorious really dating. Published. Who are dating in real life-Victorious people. Jade breaks up with Beck due to her jealousy.

  2. Beck Oliver is one of the seven main. Although Cat and Beck do not have many. Trina spreads a rumor saying that she was dating Beck just to get more.

  3. Joe Beck Dating Profile. why my cat sheds so much hair storage sheds for rv 8 x 10 lifetime storage shed for sale online boise city building code storage sheds

  4. Watch VICTORiOUS Cats New Boyfriend instantly on VUDU. When Tori finds out that Cat is dating her ex-boyfriend, her jealousy threatens to ruin their relationship.

  5. Are beck and jade from victorious really dating, Are beck and cat dating on victorious, How do I meet and date a blind girl? Carbon Dating Flaws Exposed By Dr.

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