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For example, if you want to have a buffer store the results of a vertex shader computation through the use of transform feedback, the user is not directly changing the buffer information. Similarly, the user can read a buffer's data, using a variety of commands.Or, the user can execute an Open GL command that causes the GL to read the contents of the buffer and do something based on it.One way is for the user to explicitly upload some binary data.The other way is for the user to issue GL commands that cause the buffer to be filled in.There are two ways to allocate storage for buffer objects: mutable or immutable.Allocating immutable storage for a buffer changes the nature of how you can interact with the buffer object.

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Pure in-Open GL buffers: Sometimes, it is useful to have a buffer object that is owned almost entirely by Open GL processes.Buffers storing vertex data are read by the GL when rendering.There are three hints that the user can specify the data.Buffer Objects are Open GL Objects that store an array of unformatted memory allocated by the Open GL context (AKA the GPU).These can be used to store vertex data, pixel data retrieved from images or the framebuffer, and a variety of other things. These use the standard Gen/Delete paradigm as most Open GL objects.You may still invalidate it with an explicit invalidation command or through mapping the buffer. Open GL will copy that data into the buffer object upon initialization.You may pass NULL for this parameter; if you do, the initial contents of the buffer will be undefined.Without this flag, attempting to perform any operation on the buffer while it is mapped will fail.You must use one of the mapping bits when using this bit.The contents of the buffer are written by Compute Shaders, Transform Feedback, or various other mechanisms.And other Open GL processes read from them, such as via Indirect Rendering, Vertex Specification, and so forth.


  1. Sep 11, 2017. 2017-09-05,128 DEBUG - Pre-invalidating space rhnChannelErrata 2017-09-05,128 DEBUG - Deleting collection com.domain.channel. Channel.erratas#212 2017-09-05,128 DEBUG - about to open PreparedStatement open PreparedStatements 0, globally.

  2. Feb 8, 2018. And in most cases, it will be much faster, particularly if invalidation and other Buffer Object Streaming techniques are employed. do a simple copy from the buffer's memory to scratch memory in the client address space to make reading the buffer faster buffer memory may not be optimized for reading.

  3. Aug 3, 2010. Although this data-caching is what takes up most of our caching space, we also store fully rendered HTML pages in a read-through fashion. We do this rather than using a caching reverse proxy such as Squid or Varnish to give us the ability to control expiration and invalidation of the cached items directly.

  4. Ple, does not use invalidation, yet through its space and time op- timizations, is able to perform efficient orec-based validation 4. RingSTM and JudoSTM, on the other hand, do not use invalida- tion nor do they use orecs. RingSTM uses a ring structure to ef- ficiently perform eager validation only against those transactions.

  5. Oct 21, 2017. I've modified the MMU translation table, now I want to invalidate the corresponding virtual address so that I could read the new page mapped in. is 25, you'll get 3 levels, TTBR0 pointing to L1 translation table with other words, L0 table's first entry in TTBR so you only cover 512G virtual address space.

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