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So much new information has come in from high-level briefings that this is only the first of a series that will be at least three parts in length.

This first section illustrates how the Alliance "mass arrest" strategy has evolved – taking the Cabal / Deep State completely by surprise.

This included military films of strange UFOs in flight, as well as statements from Pentagon insiders that unusual, non-terrestrial alloys have been found.

The CIA is apparently the intelligence agency most directly connected to the Deep State, based upon the testimony of multiple insiders.

THE CHURCH COMMITTEE, 1975-76, REVEALED THE TRUTH In the aftermath of the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s, public scrutiny was aimed towards the US intelligence agencies.

Many higher-level people from the Deep State are apparently now wearing ankle bracelets with GPS monitoring to prevent them from fleeing the country.

[UPDATE: The Deep State is attacking the s--t out of this with hacks.


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