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Reply to this email directly, view it on Git Hub My Sql logs indicate the table jycbs_weblinks gets corrupted. I was able to do an Ackeeba backup successfully on its own (not part of the Joomla update process).Leads me to believe the update is corrupting the table.It may have been the crash that ruined your install? Reply to this email directly, view it on Git Hub Here is some info on my configuration * Server: Localhost via UNIX socket * Server type: My SQL * Server version: 5.6.37 - My SQL Community Server (GPL) * Protocol version: 10 * User: [email protected] * Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) Web server * cpsrvd * Database client version: libmysql - 5.1.73 * PHP extension: mysqli[Documentation] Subject: Re: [joomla/joomla-cms] Updating to Joomla 3.8 crashes Inno DB (#18018) What mysql version etc What version of Joomla were you updating from Was there anything in the mysql logs — You are receiving this because you authored the thread.Reply to this email directly, view it on Git Hub So first attempt to upgrade to 3.8 following crash, it has a problem while doing the ackeeba backup prior to installing 3.8.I thought about Wi X, I thought about Install Shield, but then discovered a wonderful little gem of a setup application called Inno Setup by Jordan Russell.It's free, but it's a joy and you should donate if you use it.

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Inno DB: The error means the system cannot find the path specified.

I'm not sure how any code can bring down a Db unless it was somehow malicious but even then crashing a database... I would like to guess this was first line tech support with that handy nugget of info. I am using In Motion for the host provider and use a VPS.

It may have been the crash that ruined your install? I will finish installing the update on the remainder of the websites on the server, but I can tell you I definitely had some issues.

Inno Setup will upgrade my app from build to build when I run a new setup over the top of an old one.

I still need my app to notify the user that it's time to upgrade.


  1. How to automatically notify the. there's no free lunch when it comes to auto-updating. Inno Setup. Perhaps if I RTFM it wouldn't have been such a problem.

  2. Updating from 3.7.5 to 3.8. Expected result. InnoDB 1 If there is a permission problem in the file and mysqld cannot InnoDB open the file.

  3. Problem in progressbar i can not solve it. I have a problem in updating the progressbar and. the updating of textbox and progress bar work fine and the text.

  4. Inno Setup and ScriptMaker. The later stems from InstallShield Express’ problem with updating the BDE. Does the Inno Setup support the BDE and will it sort.

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