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vewerdey -- 3017 Mc Ca S ' 20 02 „ Laalyeae 'nbtinp'lhut -sforced retirements or promotion the cuts were the begirmni B-ot^nc— ^'-•^cs. damage at naaas3^a£^' Qiall a dcnccs and condominiums have Omce of Economic Research. r'ADc r'Axi As/r-n » « r-i / Cl Q^n O.(J^ Ql raised damage estimates for South llie new report, compiled by the _ Tt,,. m Represented hero by OUT infamous BUGABOO &WHIRLIBIRDPARKA^5: Tlicdcpar Ki^ll^ST;;? Tbcsc parkas iciiturc zip-oui liners, in fleece or down. The , safety area is-a 5,000- for the two failures of tlie Trident 2, ^ foot radiu-s around the submarine. takes part in loan | to help Polish reforms WASHINGTON (AP) — The cd States is contribuling a S200 mil- ^ United States is joining 10 Ollier na- lion grant to that program. BWMB^^WWM»WWt KBIBTy P«i Bnt STt Wii “stvcmonctary Bidnu luyairtts-econ-' -Fund - f o r a b r oa dcr-a.ssiatonue-pro— omy. Tlic United Stales would be The United '[States will put up repaid by Poland from money from "0 Tni Uion"fo Hhc*loanr\vhtcl Hs — the— IMF-progrtim and anticipated intended to help Poland as it await-s lonn.s from the Worfd'Balllc.

launch that- Uiot tried to approach die Tennessee, ^ the test was successful.

- ■ launch tube, broke the surface, ignit- pcatedly -b.umping it and using fire ^ . a dummy warhead hoses to pour water down the ^ package to an undisclosed ocean tar- smokestacks, stopping the engines, ^ get several thousand miles away. swift boats corralcd The Navy reported several min- two Greenpeace high-speed rafts ^ utes after the a.m.

Tobacco leaf curl Zimbabwe virus (Tb LCZWV) was sequenced: it comprises 2767 nucleotides with six major open reading frames encoding proteins with molecular masses greater than 9 k Da.

inllmn preliminary estimate port, refleclini: assessments ilirmii’n(t^ BS _ SB U ’ ccni osscssmcols from rural rcsi- . lounchcil n Tridcn.-'l'^m S a ri^l m Jra Sh Tc™" OUUOn The inimasad caima.a i., up ftoin Damu Eu in lha bud Bcl l.oard'.'rc/ rcn.aincd Sl.-l liilli™. cut their fuel lines and towed them ^ Buy several parkas in one, via the Columbia Inrcrcban Hc Sysrem. launch that- Uiot tried to approach llic Tennessee, the test was successful.

The warniexuumperaiuie in the stale Wednesday was 45 degrees nl Caldwell I’ayelle. Ebewlierc in ihe lulion Wednesday, die higliesi lemperaiure svxs 77 degrees at I-'o R Lauderdale, Hla, Tlie losvesi was 2H lcluw zero SI Wiirrnnd, Minn. Cun.idian lioider, dry; Riggins- Whiteliird Hill, dry; 'nt.infievil! frequent contributors to traffic accidents in Idaho. iaa B^Bgaa B □Etao BBani BBa BBin SBEia B BOBB BBCia Bn QIl Bpi Bna Bi-nni BHmii Bn BB from Taurus g e. jn e re sults ../■m in bo nresalent m vour msiancc', ai-nnnnhlcj Grootlng Eioctflllod. Areas dating before 1980 will be covered under a DOE agreement with the slate and the Enyironmcnlm^ ~Pratectidn Agcncy. • - : POCATELLO (AP) — A House subcommittee charged . change from the "open blowout kegs wc arc used to.” The Moscow school currently has guidelines covering student groups’ parties, but they arc unenforceable, said Todd Wiggen. -^In PC ; Magazines Featuring: ..^6 40l-wilt-ho}d .a^rist- — mas. Event will honor Shepherd’s 80th TWIN FALLS — An open house in honor of Jess Shepherd’s 80th birthjtoy is s]atcd.frqm,.3_Pim.,to.,5. '•'I'hc pninuiy for me stepping down nl this lime is that I don't want to run my would stay on as alhl^ffe director. who leaves coaching without ever having won ii milional chum- pionship, will remain as athletic director -- - a post added to his title in -l9(t K when Don Canham retired. • lie said he* was uncertain how long he •’rrn not sure that it's in the best interest of Michigan or the program or or fiary Mocllcr"ro Tmc'to 1/V'hiiiiging around.' It might be pretty difficult for me to sit in the athletic director’s eh.itr, I'd want U go to practice, and 1 don’t tltink 1 should do that." Schembcchicr said, “ 'Hcarrntiacks’in •1970-and 1957- resulted in open-heart .surgery, and Schcmbechler's its second straight Big Ten title. goals really higli, get your aspirations up lliere and then go after them, ii's nut of- Tcn-anynnc-from'lclahcr-gets-n-shot-ar .something like that, but if she keeps on honing her skills maybe she will get the chance, " Given a preference, there's little doiilu Gilbert would opt to have such an op- noniinity prcscni in her favorite •game.' ' "Whenever I'ni into one sport 1 like •tharbcstt'^'Fhc’saldr^nnrwitiuiireifmcs - best, I don’t know what got me started. Soon aficr we landed Alan’s Wood Reservoir west or Cutcyt fisltr Nolnrrhad Tlargc'nout'on- My boys, Ryan, 12; Nolan, 8. Alan’s .■ '“iiik anticipating a .stringer full of was a whopping 5.76 pounds and lunkcrs. The two succe.ssful arttsts will receive 0 each and retain their artwork. *Tm real tickled to sec the results." Idaho harvest figures arc likely to reveal die program’s strong success, said Steve Yundl, ocean-going fish coordinator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

I^ho road report il OISli (Al’) — • Tlic Idaho Dcparinienl of Tfan.spiirlaliun Wednesd'ay reporied -za ua lly_d ry_c cn d i l i o ns on ilir suic'.; sviili snow nl higher elevatiiins. Drivjng under the influence (DUI citatioas -numberctf'8rm? Individual who advocates “going into b'jsiness" could be sincere but not completely infonned. with scrutinizing wcapons-rclatcd projects targeted for the Idaho Notional Engineering Laboratory will lour the Department of Energy site today. the university's assistant adviser for fraternities and sororities. ' He also he was concerned his name and presenee might overslwidovv his sucees- physieians have urged liim to slow down evcrslncc. I ve lcen itiriiiiiale for 20 years following u hean attack. A decision was ai-^o nccc.ssary hceause assiciaic”athletic”'direclor 'Jaiik Weiden- bach, wlio has been in charge of daily oper- ations while Schemhcehler tended to Cnol- ball, is nearing retiremenl age. I just started playing rec hall in the fifth grade and really liked it," .. J.6:ft-py’r*game _ average Jerome is oil' to a 70 start "(his year, its only [coming at the hands of a pair of A- 1 schools, Moun Uiin Home and Twin Falls and the latter on a hiiz/er-henter, "That one hun,".admit.s Gilbert, a re- cent inductee into the National Honor Society who listens to rap music to psych lierself up_ for games and professes I an avid interest in spon.s psychology, ' “‘j Hopes for an Olympic appearance are still years away, but n more immediate priority is snapping Buhl's eight-year • See GILBERT on Page C2 ' CSI eoteirtal Bis resairgeet Seow, Dbx! Tliis year’s liaivcst of stcclhcod is ex- pected to match the previous record of about 40,000 fish set in 1986, Yundt said. -v LONDON (AP) — The BBC will teach Polish broadcasters Western a.. television ..techniques ns Si Lpart-of Briinin’s S80 million aid tii“pnckagc, it was announced Wednesday. "It’.sdinicult to believe that it was as T-ccentiyas 1987 that deliberate.

Similar ratios agrccmcnis with the Soviet Union, will hold for much larger cuts in Army officials said tliey would future years, ofilcials said. necessary To make a substantial “dotth paymen P’-rhw-ycaf T offieials- huge GUI s in P entagon spending. Do you really want that potential hazard standing a few feet away from fo^ items offered for sale" fiorced deposit was also defeated on the ballot ' In Oregon. Boosting the price : of soda pop won’t solve those problems. Tim Brennan, Boise, is executive vice prvsi- ■ dent of the h Jubo Retailers Association ana the Idaho Automobile Dealers Association. But he added; “I don’t know if we will pas.s a bill on abortion.” The Legislature can put the issue on the ballot, he said, but then the battle would be how to word the ballot. I just think anybody who has studied history knows that the Soviets are not above using any kind of deception to achieve their goals," Symms Wednesday. “Prudence guides us that wc have cut our -defense s rapidly en ough- One oft^hejpasut^ and probably the most important rcaso Tt "why that is happening behind the Iron Curtain is not Gorbachev, it is Ronald" Reagan,! Symms was interviewed for the weekend —^iewp Qint^rogrnnv-to4)e-te! He soid the movement toward democracy 1 STEVE SYMMS eastern Europe is "exciting. m ostly from older r esidents, said Kootenai County Assessor Tom Moore. Rep.) Lariy Craig's ofl'ice has been getting calls," ’ Mnnf e* said, 'it's unset the seni o rs. But the idea being considered by the Inlcr-Fralemity Council is running — mttrsome-opposition on^ircck Row The proposed risk management- iilcohoi policy would prohibit the University of Idaho's 17 fralcmitics — from~st;rvin g Kcgs - a nd-ulcoholic— ' punch at their functions, us well as -.. It would require that alcoholic beverages be cheeked at the bar of any pn Tty and ^b Uia^require fraternities to have guest lists, trained barlcndcrs-and.bounccrs_andjyo_ — wccktrodv Tmcrnoticr fo ralhp Qnlefr^ A nine-member panel would monitor comnliancc, and violations by fraternities cguld’includc ¥bciu T ~ stispcnsion, community service untr~ fines up to S500. TTie Times-Ne\ys welcomes news of community events. 48-45 Region TU boys’ basketball setback Neves hit the of a two-sliol frce a t tlie hands of d ie Highland Rams ilirnw and appeared lo piv e Tw in Falls Wednesday night. But The victory in-Manlly propelled the dc- the 6 foi^. w K5"' b¥ck hrand TIiarwi have played and won-two -Region- III surclhcwin.- games, into ll^c frontrunner's' position. Gilben’s auilt Claudia Kohl, was u sensation in swim- [-i Trinpr-Nnt-TTnly-tiirl-K.-old‘! Tlicy run like heck and try to get after you defen-. Rewards , paid to callers under the anonymous CAP hotline system totaled ,550 a-S of Oct. Anyone can report a suspected wildlife crime, from, road closure violations to poaching, by calling 1-800-^32-5999. ''" for private float trips down the Middle Fork of file Salmon River as there were pcnniis available. ■ pertninipg to .‘the muzzlelondcr ,or the bow and arrow.

meet their planned 1990 cut of — Military-plannors-projcct that , 12.000 to, J5.00() troops by reducing ovemll troop strength will shrink by . 300.000 men and women by by offering voluntary early thc mid-199Qs, as die threat of a retirement to some senior officers Soviet invasion of.'Europe reced es j-fi^ial said tlic 4aakuu-and-Mtnnc.sot3, and wiiu L-Victjiria.-Tax.as'. ‘ nalm^nsru Ty service was determined not lo -^mrak-faitli^ith-i t g sol d iers . Icy .spnis; Lfiokoui Ta.sersnow noorr National OXIo Tioma City Onuha Pmsbur^i Stiowors T-sloms Rain Runioa Snow"' tea Sunny Pt. 42 percent of the sanitation warnings in Washington in 1979 and again In 1982b'voic issuedduring the period from July. Forced, (mandatory) 1986 involved the handling of returned contiiin- deposit was also defeated in statewide initiatives ers. drink safely during holidays According to the National Highway Traffic -8i! “1 suspect Uierc will be an effort to deal with it curly so it won't dominate the whole session,” Crapo said. Idahp (AP) — Sen, Steve Symms soys he thinks c;istem Europc’.s movement toward democracy and away from communism is because of the United States' strong military stance. It's a vindication of everything 1 have talked - about for the last 15 years in politics. ’ flnnltv secinc nconle have a chance to liberate themselves IDAHO FALLS (AP) — The found mercury, ii'pqsticidc and other Since then, sanitation sewage, Idaho National - Engineering vo Iot He-iiiatoria U.-No-radioaclivc.-Corrosivc liquids, 'gni'ablc wnst« Laborctorv shut down a wastes were found. now, though, the plan has less- • "Wc want in finti aid li QW_Allcrthc. load it into drums, and ship “ Pend -namplcn in 19 The pond nd in 1972. “Wc have gotten numerous calls; legislators have been getting calls( even. Tliey say ’I tmght not jive 10 years or be able to fish that long.'" , "We~cnn-no' lon B cr-prcp Brc ^m i;trlj;tgjflj^)^;rtrilc:tty 7 :r ca tmg -studcnt S"to"Iivc'in th C'‘50.':r ihii spioll schools with individual former Illinois state superintendent philosupliic.s for learning, said. Jackals, Sweaters, Arrow Sport ■BHa‘Dro5s‘'Shiftfirtina6rwflar'&'= robes. In our 8ig and Tall Dopartmonl at Twin Falls store. The proposal was drawn up by a l O-studcnt panel for consideration by - - the Inlcr-Fratcmity Council early, next year. Send ma- tcrial to Theyimes-News Valley Happenings, PO Box 548, Twin Falls, ID 83303-0548. and when you agree to oxtended.flnandng Isovollable from GECAPenapproved.credltl— — — . r-succcsscs- tcam to victory, they proved an inspira- tion to her niece. "Since tlicii.s.u goa Lo L mine to go to the Olym’plc.s and play.ei- ihcr basketball or volleyball," A stance for tire Tigers in both of sports ever since . Gilbert eanicd a couple golds of own at the 1989 state Class A-2 track meet last May where she won the long jump at 16 feel. - -giotud-tiifttiiii-tai Keni With the Region 18 men's finals sited in Utah this year, both Snow and Dixie liave special in breaking through fora road victory. ' oninu As' that can be reprodueed voured the worm on Alan’s line, in a newspaper (color photos Tlie Trout broke the surface and generally cannot be reproduced suddenly wc realized Alan hud u satisfactorily in a newspaper in lunker trout on! wiili excitement as die battle was fy" black and white.). Ted ^‘Uidetson, Forest Service Middle Fork river manager at Challis, said the agency received .4,600 nppli.cations for the 1989 season for 373 private launch — pcnnitsavailabic: Overall, nearly 9,000 people floated the Middle Fork, including 5.339 on commer- clal Tnps and j.59Fpri\^fcb'6^aters. - - Bu Fvvcapons-arc used in hunting the - BOISE (AP) — Federal authorities arc , heralding* the .succc.s.s of a ncaf-rccdrd fail steelhead run in Idaho this ycar,..saymg it shows their multimillion-dollar liatchcry program is finally netting rc.sults.


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