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I was unsure on what to get and the sheer amount of famous artists using Ibanez TS9/TS808s convinced me to settle on this pedal.

This pedal, more than anything, tightens up your bottom end and takes a way a lot of nastiness and adds definition to your gain.

I'm using it with several guitars, Charvels with EMGs, Fender Telecaster and PRS SE 7 string.

There isn't a single guitar that this pedal does not compliment!

To conduct this test, I needed to source various vintage parts, which can be difficult to do.

The Tubescreamer offers a very transparent, crisp and clear boost to your amplifier.

The chasis is really solid build and after years of use there aren´t any complaints to notice, wheather it is in build quality or sound.

The price seems heavy, but as its such an iconic and well sounding classic pedal it´s worth every penny for me.

The only con I could say is the kind of weak foot switch but other than that its great!

This pedal is an absolute 5 stars all around, it's rare I'd rate a product so highly.


  1. At the end of the 70s, the Ibanez Tube Screamer 808 appeared, an overdrive with truly tube-like characteristics, creating a sensation. Its successor, the TS 9, was also well received and has appeared since then on innumerable Pedalboards of the very biggest guitarists. Since then, the TS9 has been reissued a few years.

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