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Html updating text in the window

To learn more about implementing content providers in your own applications, see Creating a Content Provider.This topic describes the following: A content provider presents data to external applications as one or more tables that are similar to the tables found in a relational database.The User Dictionary Provider defines the permission in its manifest file, so an application that wants to read from the provider must request this permission.The next step in retrieving data from a provider is to construct a query.For the sake of clarity, the code snippets in this section call class, which is described in more detail in the Loaders guide.Also, the lines of code are snippets only; they don't show a complete application.In table 1, each row represents an instance of a word that might not be found in a standard dictionary.Each column represents some data for that word, such as the locale in which it was first encountered.

You can't request this permission at run-time; instead, you have to specify that you need this permission in your manifest, using the element and the exact permission name defined by the provider.

For example, to retrieve a row whose to append an id to the User Dictionary content URI.

This section describes how to retrieve data from a provider, using the User Dictionary Provider as an example.

One of the built-in providers in the Android platform is the user dictionary, which stores the spellings of non-standard words that the user wants to keep.

Table 1 illustrates what the data might look like in this provider's table: Table 1: Sample user dictionary table.


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