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Of course, I have been told I'm way too reserved..still. Now darlin are you not "assuming" that he wants you in the tub in your birfday suit? ) were just right, etc., it might be a remote possibility. You either describe a location that has an element of safety and quick exit possibilities -- or get creative in the description. There isn't a good part on my body, it's all been ruined LOL but that's not why I wouldn't get into a hot tub with someone I just met.I'm a huge sucker for a soak in a hot tub, so I wouldn't totally rule it out. You probably would have to talk to the guy (email) to find out more about his real motives or agenda. First, hot tubs sound awful to me, who knows what's growing in there and if I'm going to get wet, I like lots of room and cool water.So what to wear when the majority of the shops are stocking jumpers and you're likely going to have bubbling hot tub water in your face all evening? Wildfox has a patriotic 2 piece if you have bits you want to show off, for £52.Blackmilk have some brilliant one pieces for around £50, this unicorn option is our favourite.Plus if blokes see that they are just going to imagine woman hair all over their flat and clogging up their plughole which is probably not the best start.All in all lady or bloke, take all steps to make sure you are comfortable and secure in your attire and sufficiently waterproofed so you have nothing to worry or be paranoid about come hot tub time.And to expand the hot tub theme there’s going to be Hot Tub Karaoke (12th Dec) and Hot Tub Speed Dating (11th Dec).With the Karaoke featuring battle of the hot tubs where each tub of people compete.

Modesty - at my age, who cares- (if ya can't find it, you can't get in trouble with it) and seen one seen them all.

Men - when it comes to your trunks don't think boxers will cut it - this is a public event and even if you can't find your trunks from your last holiday or maybe think you can just use your shorts this isn't a good sign to ladies that would be your other half. Ideally not terribly bright Timmy Mallet options or terribly tight Hoff options, also remember that the whole Borat Mankini can stay in stag do territory, it's not an option and it's not ironic or funny any more.

Mr Porter have a great selection of respectable swim shorts albeit a bit pricey, a good alternative and more affordable prices would be the ever trusty ASOS.

Then speed dating on the 11th, what better way to meet a nice lady (or man) Read more here …

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  2. I frikkin' LOVE hot tubs. Lots of good memories. They have to be situated in just the right spot and you have to be in it with just the right person. Then, a glass of.

  3. Zack Oates from offers some helpful dating advice in his natural environment The Hot Tub. DP Devin Director/Editor Emily

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