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Hollywood women dating older men

Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, and Demi Lovato all dated him suspicously close to their 18th birthdays.

Fortunately, Valderrama isn't famous anymore so he can't be a creep monster anymore.

The analysis showed that the men were at least ten years older than their female love interests in over one third of the films, whereas it was very rare for the actresses to be older than their male co-stars.

The analysis also showed that the average age gap was greater after the actors turned thirty-five.

I'm not trying to say that love can't cross generations, but also, no it can't.

We won't spoil whether or not Doris and John end up together, but ahead we look at some other movies featuring the age gap you're not used to seeing.

It seems like, for some unexplainable reason, actors refuse to admit that they've grown old.

They keep dating younger people, no matter how gross and creepy it is.

So not only are men typically older than their on-screen lovers, as they get older, they are paired with increasingly younger women.

For example, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are frequently (and I think very successfully) cast opposite each other as romantic leads, despite their sixteen year age gap.


  1. Men get increasingly younger romantic. but Norma both embodies and represents how Hollywood sees older women. Older Woman Dating Younger Man.

  2. Age is a matter of the mind and these celebrity women surely don't mind dating older men on a. in Hollywood history, the couple. in dating men close.

  3. We know, we know Older men dating younger women? Quelle surprise! But age really is only a number -- at least, that's the case when it comes.

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