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Holiday dating tips

Zoosk's research shows that online dating is at its highest level the week before Christmas. If you truly want to be kissed under the mistletoe, read their guide.

You may not realize this, but not only is this the busiest time of the year for retailers, it’s the busiest time of the year for online dating sites.

If you’re close to your family and see them often, you’ll have a better shared understanding about what’s un/acceptable in terms of conversation topics, however if you’re gathering with extended family and it only happens once or twice a year, it might be trickier terrain to navigate.

Aside from all the practical preparations, here’s how to emotionally prepare yourself. Christmas cards and ads combine idyllic visuals with dreamy music and delicious food and everyone is loving and adoring of each other.

Maybe you’re anticipating aunt Nancy’s uncomfortable questions about your personal life, or you don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve kissing your cat.

If you’re new to online dating, here are some tips to get you through the holiday season.

Sometimes the site will make all the difference to whether or not you love or hate online dating.

Take advantage of three-day trials, free communication weekends or free sites.

If you’ve always had problems with certain family members, chances are they won’t be fixed by the magic component of Christmas, so keep your expectations to what you can control.Keep this in mind and try to be flexible and meet as soon as reasonably possible. Are you excited to online date this holiday season?You don’t want to lose out a on a potential love interest just because you’re both too busy. According to Alex Mehr, co-CEO and co-founder of Zoosk, “More singles participate in online dating during the holiday season than during any other time of the year.” Mehr added, “We know that the holidays can present unique dating questions and challenges, so we talked with several relationship experts and then polled singles in our own community to gather the best tips, gift giving ideas, and holiday dating trends out there.We hope our will help make dating this holiday more enjoyable for singles everywhere." According to the Zoosk holiday dating study, more singles are interested in coupling up during the holidays.Zoosk, the world's largest social dating community on the web has just released their Single's Survival Guide to Holiday Dating.Zoosk hopes to help singles during the holidays by offering their free guide for online daters with tips from experts, statistics on dating trends during the holidays, and creative gift ideas.Their survey found: Tips from experts included Sherry Amatenstein, LMSW, and relationship columnist for who suggested that singles revise their online dating profile to include ‘Looking for a Date for the Holidays.' She also suggested to accept every invitation that comes your way.In the guide, you will read what Zooskers thought were appropriate gifts at the holidays.We’ve spent years studying what makes people happy in relationships but unlike your partner, you can’t choose your family.Which can make Christmas family get-togethers as scary as they can be joyous.


  1. Mar 17, 2010 Zoosk, the world's largest social dating community on the web has just released their Single's Survival Guide to Holiday Dating. Zoosk hopes to help.

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  3. Too much to do this holiday season, and no time for dating? Here are some holiday dating tips to help budget your time and maximize your holiday spirit!

  4. The holidays can be a stressful time of year, especially for navigating romantic relationships.

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