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One Direction singer Harry Styles and Kimberly Stewart are dating, a source tells PEOPLE.

Despite their age difference – Styles is 19 and Stewart is 33 – the new couple joined Rod Stewart, his wife Penny Lancaster, Sean Stewart and Adrienne Maloof for a triple dinner date at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood on Thursday.

He likes them older and at 32 with a baby this really is Harry baking, icing and then eating his cake! She was part of the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian clique but she was “classy” enough to not release a sex video. She is also the daughter of British singer Rod Stewart.

Harry Styles dines with Rod Stewart and his family at Dan Tana's.

They were accompanied by Penny Lancaster, Kimberly Stewart and friends as they packed into a Rolls Royce before driving away. television host Caroline Flack and DJ Lucy Horobin, both in their thirties, and Taylor Swift, 23.

“Kim and Harry looked like they were enjoying each others company,” the source says.

“Age doesn’t really matter in the Stewart family,” the source adds, noting that Rod is 68 to Lancaster’s 42 and Kimberly’s 32-year-old brother Sean has been dating the 52-year-old Maloof.


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