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I was recently at a friend’s wedding when I joined the bride’s friends in a discussion about her single days. “Don’t you remember how she’d drag us all to a bar, do a lap to see if there were any guys worth meeting and then exclaim ‘Next! She’d organize weekly outings of single women and orchestrate introductions of men we’d meet along the way – even positioning us facing into a crowd with arms uncrossed so we appeared approachable. The consensus was that our friend had always tried really hard to meet a romantic partner.

After all, when you decide you’re ready to find a partner and take clear steps towards that goal, such as signing up for an online dating site or taking professional profile photos, it’s natural to want to see results immediately.

As the date went on, Annie opened up about her cancer.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.

So it was funny that she ended up meeting her husband through friends when she wasn’t really looking.

Well, she made an effort to be social, but she found love when she wasn’t working that hard at it.


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