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Gmail widget not updating

If the developer will say that the problem may be isolated to your device, that’s an indication that a firmware glitch may have developed after the update installation.You did not mention of having done a factory reset, which is the next logical step if wiping the cache partition won’t work.Contact the developer so they’ll be notified of the problem right away.Of course, this assumes that the problem lies on the app itself.After recently purchasing Samsung’s new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4, I have had a weird issue with some of my beloved weather widgets not updating.I had tried several different ones and after a period of time, the widget would stop updating or responding to the manual update input from touching the widget.

As far as we know, the Galaxy S7 stock email app is compatible with most popular email services as well as personalized domains.I’d really like to use the email app instead of the google mail. You must check the POP status of your account by logging in to your Gmail email and going under settings POP Download.If the problematic email is not Gmail, contact your email provider support team for direct assistance.Emails work on all my other devices and on the google server I did have a security issue with my dreaming in color email when Nigerian hackers hacked the email and started phishing my contacts and sending my emails to the trash but my tech was able to fix this issue for everything but my smartphone. None of your basic solutions suggested we found online are working. We can’t just provide a solution after you tell us that you are unable to install two emails.I thought maybe the problem is related to the hacking but the same problem happens with my deep roots email which had no security issues. Email problems vary by case and there’s no fit-for-all solution for this type of issue. Things like software or app changes prior to encountering the setup issue, specific error messages you’re receiving for each account, email account status (whether they’re still active or not), to mention a few.I’ve tried erasing the cache as you guys propose but nothing changed. I’ve been using the Heads Off app to prevent the annoying heads up messages, but this app is not working anymore. If the info is not readily available, try checking the most recent reviews from S7 users to see if they’re having the same exact problem.If they do, the problem is most probably due to incompatibility or poor coding.Hello, first of all, thanks for all the efforts you guys put on solving (or at least trying to solve) these problems. Since the Marshmallow update (I did it in 5-24-16), I can’t play the stations through the widget.When trying so, the “Unable to reach Tune In” message shows in the widget.When trying to get them setup again, one of them does not work saying Pop3 has not been activated or there is an error with the password while the other one works perfectly.However, when i try to use the Google pop3 email service, i enter all the same info and both of them works perfectly. If the email in question is a Gmail account, POP feature is most probably disabled for this account.


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