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Garrett hedlund dating history

(Maguire and Jennifer Meyer separated last year.)And not long after They split up in 2004 and went their separate ways, fairly literally."Kirsten and Jake remain the best of friends," Gyllenhaal's rep said at the time.

"Details regarding when and why their romantic relationship stopped are not being provided, but suffice it to say it happened some time ago.

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; the two were first linked in the beginning of 2012.

In London, 80 pages." As a high school student in Arizona, Hedlun recalls, "I'd hang out at the Borders Bookstore until it closed and then I would stick the book back on the shelf until the next day. No one was going to buy three copies of [Charles] Bukowski's by the next afternoon." PHOTOS: Kirsten Dunst and other women who dated Jake Gyllenhaal The closet bookworm adds, "I felt I gained something that nobody else who had to read it in school got, because I realized all this stuff on my own instead of a teacher saying, ' What do you think so-and-so meant in this moment?

co-stars are engaged, Dunst having tipped the world off with the diamond ring she was sporting at the Palm Springs Film Festival last week—about eight months after the couple were first spotted kissing in real life.

They are still very close."But that was a long time ago."It would be nice to see him," Dunst told in late 2009.

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Once he was single, Maguire became known as a bit of a party guy, a close cohort of Leonardo Di Caprio and his pack of bachelor pals—a rep he didn't bother to shake until he got married in 2007. All the good nights are just nights, all the good mornings are just mornings, all the dots in the sky are the same dots you've been looking at all your life." PHOTOS: Hot star hookups Hedlund says he's always been a writer, whether he's penning poems or journaling. We fell out and had to swim back in mucky, sh-tty water, like golf-pond water." PHOTOS: Costar couples Referring to Dunst as "my gal," Hedlund also provides the magazine with a sample of his original poetry: "Everything you ever knew seems to slowly be forgotten. The Many celebrities have already spoken out on the #Oscars So White controversy.And even though Rooney Mara has "a lot to say" about the lack of minority representation in Hollywood, she doesn't want her opinions to be reduced "to a sound bite." In an interview with actress opened up about her own experience with whitewashing — this time, a bit more candidly than she has in the past! Nonetheless, we think the Hollywood hotties are 100% slaying it right now and we wish them only the best.We've been fans since Plemons' personal life is a fairly closed book (well done, sir! Dunst had a few things she needed to do first, before devoting serious time to romance—such as finish high school. I was concerned they wouldn't get the same chemistry back, but it was just me worrying."They really like each other, I think, very much.), but we've been on the road with Dunst for going on 20 years now—and what a road its been. And that relationship probably just added to their ability to trust each other."They were consummate pros, too, looking quite comfortable with each other as they proceeded to do press for premiere if it was easier doing press with Maguire and Raimi, because they'd known each other for so long, she told a reporter, "Yes, 'cause we can wink at each other and have a camaraderie that's, you know, stronger over the course of three movies."Meanwhile, James Franco, the other side of the cinematic love triangle in the films, was just as jealous as Harry Osborne!"To be fair, I'm sure there were times when I was obnoxious. (Because if he hadn't made an oily mess, maybe they would've worked out.)"Couldn't understand the fuss," Borrell recalled.But Dunst had had enough after that turbulent time.“I guess if I wasn’t comfortable and in a relationship I’d be thinner.When you’re with someone, you eat so much more and you chill out a bit – but I don’t criticize myself more than is healthy, because there’s such a lot of that, isn’t there?


  1. Feb 3, 2012. Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund took to their bikes for a ride near her LA home yesterday. They practically matched in their gray sweats, but the outing wasn't all about exercising — Kirsten also put posters up to publicize her cat's disappearance. Kirsten and Garrett are together in California after.

  2. Jan 8, 2013. In the February issue of Details, Hedlund, 28, finally reveals how he wooed Dunst, 30, his costar in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On the Road; the two were first linked in the beginning of 2012. "I took her out on a 3 a.m. canoe ride," the actor reveals. "It was not a stable canoe. We fell out and had to.

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