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Free uk skype sex chat contact

Because of this we put a limit on the number of times someone can call us from the same phone number in a single day. If you do call us more than 10 times in a 24 hour period you'll hear a message telling you that you can’t call for another 24 hours.

Even if this has happened you can still get support from our info and advice pages and you can contact using the 1-2-1 counsellor chats or by emailing.

While you’re waiting you can still use other parts of the Childline website and get support from the message boards or Ask Sam. We know it can sometimes be scary talking to counsellors. You might be unsure about what to say or how they'll react. They're a bunch of different people, some old and some young.

They all work for us in the UK but many come from different countries like Poland, Ghana, Australia, India, China, France and other places. But most importantly, they all care about young people and give up some of their time to volunteer as counsellors.

But sometimes these callers still try to phone Childline again and again.

Sometimes so much that it can stop young people getting through.

But this could be less or more depending on what help you need.

If you get cut off or need to end a call or chat suddenly, you can call back or log in for another 1-2-1 counselor chat.

It helps to let the counsellor know you got cut off before.

You can talk to them about anything, from self-harm and sexting to exam stress and eating problems.

You can also ask them their name if you like and they'll tell you their first name.


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