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Although it was past 14 days since she was ovulating I know the chances are narrow, but is there some pill she can take to prevent herself from getting fully pregnant? How to avoid in getting the chance to be fully pregnant?

Just try and be happy that you have found each other, and maybe talk to him about the gifts, tell him you'd be happy with meaningful gifts even if they're small but that it also shows his appreciation.

I would tell him that if he had any issues with me in future, he should bring them to my attention in a more befittingly adult, civil, open and honest manner, that name-calling achieves NOTHING but adding more fuel to the fire - when what you're about is SORTING problems - and that frankly you find it a hugely unimpressive turn-off to see someone so normally upstanding acting like a 5-year-old. You imagine you and he are married, with kids, and there's some serious, pressing but valid bone of contention you needed to hash out with him (possibly about the kids) but which he felt held some criticism about him in there somewhere.

Do you want someone who can continue to act rationally when under-fire or someone who starts using name-calling and playground behaviour to try to avoid the confrontation altogether?

she had taken unwanted 72 within 50 hours aftersex her monthly period's date is 22 nov and till her period is not come pls advise me I had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 9th december and i took emergency contraception after four hour. It is not my period as my period has finished on 8th december.

Has she done a pregnancy test to confirm a pregnancy, yet? However, in most countries, they do require a doctor's prescription.


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