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As Laura, 25, said, “It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy world of texting and Skype, but can be harder to translate that stuff to the real world.Basically, don’t write any checks your butt can’t cash.” You don’t have to be an open-relationship hippie weirdo (hi) to enjoy a bit of an extra-marital flirt.The days and nights of long, deep (or not) conversations form a very solid foundation from which to start your lives together once you finally end up in the same place.Many of the couples I spoke to said they felt their relationship was stronger for their time apart.We get to have our romantic little visits but then our time is totally our own when we’re apart.

Try to avoid going full-Hamlet and poisoning everyone you love in an elaborate staged duel featuring objects you have somehow poisoned, but the “write your partner nice love letters” bit remains. This is one of the nicest parts of an LDR: if the two of you make it work, you reaaaally get to know each other.Usually it’s just blowing off steam but sometimes before you know it things have taken a turn from Banter Boulevard onto You Know I Live Just Around the Corner Road.No one’s perfect, certainly not someone who’s been sex-free for months and just had a fight over Whats App.In his New York Times column, Nick Bilton recounted his friend’s emoji mishap, in which the woman involved would type flirtatious messages via emoji (the flamenco dancer, a martini) and her male counterpart responded with the thumbs-up icon.While the guy thought he was responding positively, the girl assumed she was being prodded into the friend zone. ### If you want to be just friends, stick to the rice ball emojis.###Emojis say “I’m thinking of you” without spelling it out and getting too serious.Reach out with some falling leaves or a reference to your most recent conversation.But there’s a pretty massive difference between going out and making eyes at the bartender and turning off your phone to take that bartender back to yours.The statistics for cheating in long distance relationships are staggeringly high, and honestly, what kind of dickhead cheats in this day and age? Or have a discussion about what ‘cheating’ means to you. I feel like these three options just about cover it.That being said, a certain amount of gentle understanding regarding flirting and crushes and that sort of thing is probably required by both parties in a long distance arrangement, so prepare yourselves for that as well.And if cheating messes everything up – well, there’s always Tinder.


  1. So, you’ve fallen in love. This person is it. Except they live in France. Or Canada. Or Slough. They live far away, is the point, but goddammit a little thing like.

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  3. Now that any online dating experience will eventually escalate to mobile messaging whether What’s App, iMessage, or How About We’s app, it’s not enough to.

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