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By this time I've come like twice, muffling myself with his pillow, and so he gets on his back and tells me to ride him hard, which I gladly do.

Now I’m kind of intimidating, 6’3”, and this girl is tiny. Her friends were already glaring at me, but the girl was making eyes at me. She accepted the drink, downed it quicker than any girl I’ve ever seen.

Then when we got there he shut the door, immediately started kissing me hard and gently pushed me towards the bed. He whispered, "You look so sexy - I just had to fuck you," as he pulled off my trekkies and panties in one motion, and I undid his pants to reveal silk boxers (which I love! He pushed me on my back, onto his bed and rammed his thick cock into me and started pumping furiously. Just feeling him hard against me is such a turn on!

We stopped to get a condom after I came, and then he fucked me doggy style with me leaning downwards, the way I like it - especially when he holds on to my hips and pumps in and out slowly, watching himself.

I grinned and told her that I only knew one kind of dance, and that if she wanted to go out back I’d be more than willing to show her.

She giggled and took my hand, and we went out the back door to the alley.


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