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Therefore, a MFT 12-35mm ƒ/2.8 is equivalent to what we’re used to seeing through a 24-70mm ƒ/2.8.

This is most advantageous for telephoto work: The new Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm F4.0-6.3 ASPH gives us an equivalent range of 200-800mm. It’s true that the image looks like 800mm due to the much smaller sensor so, to be fair, it’s a cropped image, but how many of you are already cropping like a crazed photographer in your software?

For many it began with film; for others, with the i Phone.

Either way, the world of photography has exploded, with young and old participating in numbers hard to believe.

Keep in mind that all MFT cameras have a smaller sensor than a full-frame, 35mm-sized sensor.

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Even so, I regularly shoot my Panasonic LUMIX cameras at ISO 1600, sometimes going as high as ISO 3200. Until recently, MFT cameras didn’t have AF speed and accuracy comparable to the top-of-the-line DSLRs.Everybody but the big two is taking mirrorless very seriously, including Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony.What you might not know is that just because it’s mirrorless doesn’t mean the overall system is going to be smaller and lighter.All MFT players have agreed to support a common lens mount.That means all Olympus lenses will fit Panasonic LUMIX bodies, and all LUMIX lenses will fit Olympus bodies.With nearly four decades of traveling the world as a working photographer, you get a different perspective on the pros and cons of large cameras versus small.For older photographers, smaller, lighter camera gear is a huge relief in size and weight.Good photography is all about being in the moment and having a way to record and share it.To do that, quickly and less painfully, I started testing Micro Four Thirds cameras from Panasonic and Olympus—cameras that were smaller, lighter and more mobile, had wireless capabilities, looked less conspicuous, and didn’t kill my back and neck.Baby boomers are interested in smaller, lighter and easier systems to carry.Many are finding what they need in Micro Four Thirds system cameras.


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