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Remote operation is possible by using the optional Wireless LAN card as well as the ERS-210 "AIBO Navigator 2". November 2004 A variant of the ERS-7, packaged with MIND2. October 2005 A variant of the ERS-7M2, packaged with MIND3. White, black, and champagne gold (called honey brown in Japan). January 2018 The first model to be released since the AIBO project was discontinued in 2006.Height 29.6 cm, 1.5 kg weight, 1.5 hours continuous operation time, 16 degrees of freedom (drive unit), price 180 000 yen (excluding tax) Variants of ERS-210/220. Requires an always-on internet connection to function fully and comes with an LTE SIM card and monthly subscription service to support interaction and learning in the cloud.While there exists special and difficult requirements in entertainment applications themselves, limited capabilities in the speech and vision systems may turn out to be an interesting and attractive feature for appropriately designed entertainment robots." His early monkey-like prototype "MUTANT" included behaviors that would become part of AIBOs including tracking a yellow ball, shaking hands, karate strikes and sleeping.Fujita would later receive the IEEE Inaba Technical Award for Innovation Leading to Production for "AIBO, the world's first mass-market consumer robot for entertainment applications".AIBO's sounds were programmed by Japanese DJ/avant-garde composer Nobukazu Takemura, fusing mechanic and organic concepts.Aperios is Sony's Proprietary Real-Time Operating system, used in all AIBOs, QRIO and some other consumer devices.These meetup groups can be found online and are held by owners of the product.

AIBOs were marketed for home use as "entertainment robots".Two of the first generation AIBOs exported into the USA came to New York, NY and one remains in the archives and display at Artspace Company Y LLC. There was a limited production of 3,000 for Japan and 2,000 for the USA.Later models of AIBOs were designed jointly with prestigious Japanese designers, and continued to gain design awards. The bodies of the "ERS-3x" series (Latte and Macaron, the round-headed AIBOs released in 2001) were designed by visual artist Katsura Moshino winning the "Good Design Award" Several prototypes have been displayed by Sony. The specifications and design of the 1998 prototype, described in a Sony press release, closely match those of the first generation AIBOs. They were available to buy via the internet and sold out in 20 minutes after launch. The ERS-111 was an improved version of the original AIBO, initially released in November 1999 as a limited edition model. The colours were black, silver, gold, red, blue, green, white. Original production design illustrator was Katsura Moshino. The Latte version is the low-end model and is cream-coloured and the Macaron version was black coloured.Late model ERS7's were bundled with a pink AIBone bone-shaped toy, playing cards and a charging station with pole and marker mat for autonomous docking.Illume Face capable of over 60 emotional and status modes, consisting of 24 LEDs (white 12, red 4, blue 4, green 4), Ear : 2 (left & right), Head sensor : 2 (white and amber), Head (wireless LAN on/off) : 1(blue), Back sensor : 16 (white 8, red 3, blue 3, orange 2) All AIBOs are bundled with AIBOLife software giving the robot a personality, the ability to walk, "see" its environment via camera and recognize spoken commands (English and Spanish, or Japanese).As the series developed, more sensors and actuators were added.Wi-Fi was available as an add on for some second-generation AIBOs.CSL's first product was the Aperios operating system, later to form the base software some AIBO models used.When Nobuyuki Idei became president of Sony in 1995, he sought to adopt a digital agenda, reflected in the new motto he gave the company, “Digital Dream Kids,” and the prominence he gave to CSL. Toshitada Doi is credited as AIBO’s original progenitor: in 1994 he had started work on robots with artificial intelligence expert Masahiro Fujita within CSL.The third and final family of AIBOs, the ERS-7s, have multiple head and body sensors, clicking ear actuators, a chest-mounted proximity sensor, expressive "Illume-Face" and Wi-Fi.All AIBOs were bundled with accessories including a charging station and pink ball toy.


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