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Form of christianity dating back to luther and calvin who is camilla belle dating 2016

CATHOLIC ATTITUDES Luther's call for reform was initially seen simply as part of an overall appeal and no-one imagined the idea of starting a new Church.

The concept of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church was rooted in the minds of most Catholics, even if it had not yet officially been proclaimed as the hallmark of the "true" Christian Church.

It was founded by a Spanish nobleman, Ignatius of Loyola, originally a soldier whose leg was shattered by a cannon ball during a war against France.

The new breed of Popes saw their function at the head of the Catholic Church primarily in moral and religious terms, which made reform of the Catholic Church a distinct possibility.They would go anywhere in the world to which they were sent, and would be dedicated to preaching, teaching and distributing the sacraments.The Jesuits insisted on intellectual expertise in the training of their members, thereby quickly becoming the intellectual backbone of orthodox Catholicism.The Catholic Church was very slow to reform itself.It presumed that the Reformation was merely a small hiccup in the greater tapestry of life and that it would soon go away.Catholics became concerned with the state of their Church long before the Reformation, and were especially worried about such things as clerical greed, immorality and ignorance, the hawking of indulgences, superstition, simony and pluralism.Various Church Councils had been convened to try to usher in reforms, and bishops of many dioceses had made strides to purify the Church within their districts.As a result, the Jesuits soon found themselves not only as defenders of the faith but also teachers in high places such as the courts of bishops, princes and popes.They also stressed blind obedience to the Papacy (called Ultramontanism) for which they became positively disliked by many of the less orthodox Catholics, such as those in France.The most important movement in the reform was the Society of Jesus.The Jesuits, as they came to be called, were a new form of religious order which was not tied down to a monastery but whose members were free to travel anywhere they were sent.


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