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On March 16, 1994, during a CW European tour, Foley and Big Van Vader had one of the most infamous matches in wrestling history in Munich, Germany.

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Unlike Jack's first stint in WCW, where his personality was quieter, he was now outwardly maniacal; laughing hysterically, shrieking into the air while choking his opponents and yelling his signature catch phrase "Bang-Bang! After spending a year and a half with WCW as a heel, Cactus Jack transitioned into a fan favorite after engaging in a feud with Paul Orndorff, Harley Race and Big Van Vader.The two men continued wrestling as the referee picked up the ear and gave it to the ring announcer.Vader claimed for years after that the ear had come off during the botched Hangman maneuver, however in a WWE Network video, Vader admits that after seeing footage that he had indeed removed Foley's ear.On one night, known as Tri-State's Summer Sizzler 1991, Cactus Jack and Eddie Gilbert had three matches in one night: Cactus won a Falls Count Anywhere match, lost a Stretcher match, and then fought to a double disqualification in a Steel Cage match.These matches caught the attention of World Championship Wrestling promoters, in large part due to widespread photo circulation.His biggest match at the time was against Mil Máscaras at Clash of the Champions X: Texas Shootout.whose high-impact and violent wrestling style fit Foley well.Race won the match for Vader by using a cattle prod on Cactus, knocking him out.The level of violence involved in this feud caused WCW to refuse to book Cactus Jack against Vader on a pay-per-view again.As a result, in the rematch with Vader on April 24, the two executed a dangerous spot to sell a storyline injury.Vader removed the protective mats at ringside and powerbombed Cactus onto the exposed concrete floor, causing a legitimate concussion and causing Foley to temporarily lose sensation in his left foot.


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