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Whatever the cause may be, thermal imaging cameras help the operator to find out where the cause is located and often it even indicates what the cause might be.In all of the possible scenarios a thermal camera can play an important part in finding out what’s wrong.The multicrystalline silicon wafers used in most solar cells can be very prone to develop these non-uniformities either during the production process or later on.If a solar cell has a higher concentration of these non-uniformities it produces less electricity and more heat than others, dragging the performance of the entire panel down.“The quality of the images the FLIR T335 thermal imaging camera produces is remarkable, but even more important for our application is the practical design”, explains Mr. “Especially the fact that it is lightweight and that it has a tiltable lens unit makes it the ideal tool for fieldwork, checking already installed solar panels for flaws.” Thermal cameras are an ideal tool to check solar panels for bad cells, according to Mr. “If a solar cell produces less electricity, it usually produces more heat than the other cells.That means that you can very easily spot such ineffective cells with a thermal camera.” The cause for solar cell inefficiency usually lies in the uniformity of the semi-conductor material that is used, for most solar panels this semi-conductor is silicon.The FLIR T-Series of portable thermal imaging cameras takes ergonomics, weight and ease-of-use to a new level.

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Founded in 2004 it has grown from the two employees it had at the day it was founded to its current number of employees of 55.The FLIR T335 thermal imaging camera has an uncooled microbolometer detector that produces crisp thermal images with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.It can accurately measure temperatures from -20°C to 650°C at a thermal accuracy of less than 50 m K.• First to offer a Bluetooth/Wi Fi enabled 3D stereo vision sensors in 2015.• Designed and manufactured in Canada, Brickstream sensors are known for their outstanding quality and feature set.Kimpel did not just choose the FLIR T335 for the camera quality, ergonomic design and its useful features: “The training we receive from FLIR Systems is just as important”, explains Mr. Although all FLIR thermal imaging cameras are designed for easy operation, there is a lot more to thermal imaging than just knowing how to handle the camera.“When you use the thermal imaging camera to look at solar panels from the front side then you have to be very careful not to jump to false conclusions due to reflection.” According to FLIR Area Distribution Manager Michael Mende the viewing angle should be chosen carefully to avoid misinterpretation of thermal images due to heat emitted by surrounding objects that are reflected in the glass.For the conversion to alternating current a certain amount of electric current is needed, so if inefficient cells drag the electricity production of the entire panel below this critical threshold the entire panel can be rendered completely useless.But there are many other possible causes for a solar panel’s performing poorly like broken cells, broken glass, water leakage, broken soldering points, defective sub strings, defective bypass diodes, delamination of the semi-conductor material, defective connectors, to name just a few.• 20,000 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to deliver scalable, reliable and cost effective people counting sensors.• Proven 24/7 reliability with over 200,000 devices deployed globally. • A comprehensive product portfolio to meet our partners' current and future operational and marketing needs.


  1. In densely populated West-European countries, solid household waste is collected and carried to a waste incineration plant, rather than dumped directly in landfill sites. The most advanced incineration plants use the combustion heat to fuel up an adjacent waste-to-energy system, which provides heating and power to.

  2. Find the latest earnings report and earnings surprise history for FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR at

  3. Shop FLIR Secure for home security devices, including the FLIR Secure HD WiFi Security Camera and the FLIR FX, both featuring RapidRecap®.

  4. To make sure that the solar panels they deliver perform well, Solartechnik Stiens uses a thermal imaging camera. Read or download application story!

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