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Unity democratizes game development by solving the hard problems for you, so you can focus on creating and finding long-term success.

Play Flame is all about making mobile and social games that millions of people love to play every month.

Traditionally, we are bringing together the world's leading game development companies to share their knowledge and ambitions.

If you work in the game development industry, this is where you belong!

You can make as many meeting requests as you like, and accept as many as you can fit in.

The only restriction is that you can only fill the total number of available 30 minute slots in your agenda for the two days.

In addition to this, each exhibitor can also use the system to book meetings at their own stand or tabletop areas in the main Exhibition Hall or Meeting rooms.

In fact, Unity creators have distributed their content to over one-billion devices.

Playflame is a mobile game developer based in Estonia and our focus is on creating outstanding games to make our players happy!

To apply for a space, send a link to your game by March 15, 2018 The Game Village Showcase winner will be awarded by Indie Prize scholarship: An invitation to Indie Prize showcase that includes: two free all- access passes to Casual Connect, a guaranteed spot at Indie Prize and free accommodation in Europe and Asia during the conference Prize sponsors: As part of the Game Dev Days experience, you will have full access to the Meeting Match-up service that has been made freely available for all registered delegates to use in order to arrange meetings at the event.

These are for you to meet the person then either find a quiet area to talk, use any available table/sitting space you can find.

If you or they are a Business ticket holder or Speaker, remember you can also use the business lounge.


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