Epo not updating Sex chat free without using email

Weirdly, after a dozen or so test upgrades, I can't get to in my environment, so I don't have any real data on the fix.

We'll probably still deploy the hotfix prior to making Sierra available for our users to upgrade to in the next couple of weeks.

The weird part is that 2 other Macs that were upgraded directly via the Mac App Store still retained all their Mc Afee settings and are still working fine.

I built the Self Service policy by downloading the Sierra installer via Mac App Store, copied it into Casper Admin.

The EPO is essentially a mail forwarding device that allows everyone at the University to have the same generic email address (@stonybrook.edu) so that no matter what email system Stony Brook may adopt or what domain names change, people will still receive their email.

The EPO automatically routes email messages addressed to [email protected] a specific University email address/inbox (e.g.

By default, this mailbox is your campus email account (Microsoft Exchange for Stony Brook Medicine students and employees, Google Apps for Education for nearly everyone else, or another valid Stony Brook University email account).

If you have more than one Stony Brook University email account, the default mailbox will be the account that was created first.

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HOWEVER, if I take a Mac running El Capitan 10.11.6 that already has Mc Afee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.2.1 and the Mc Afee Agent installed and functioning properly and then upgrade that Mac to Sierra via Self Service, Mc Afee loses all Update repository info that was previously there.To do so, go to https://sunysb.edu/epo.html, choose the "Mail forwarding" radio button and enter your Stony Brook ID and birthdate to authenticate.This will allow you to update your EPO mailbox to which emails addressed to [email protected] be sent.Fortunately pushing this new version is working so far so it's unnecessary.Stony Brook University maintains an electronic post office (EPO) for all students, faculty and [email protected]) on whatever University email system is used.For most people, their EPO address is [email protected], however this is not true for those with common names.UPDATE: I pushed the update to a working installation from the e PO console successfully.I was also able to push it to a broken installation and it did restore the update functionality.With this Hotfix the temp folder gets recreated if it is deleted during OS upgrade, and DAT update happens that's great news! Now the next question is: will installing this hotfix fix the already broken installations or will I still need to find a way to uninstall it first and then reinstall the new agent?which does a better job of ripping all of the pieces out than does the weird uninstall binary for EPM.


  1. Apr 9, 2017. Perform the following steps to update an ePO Master Repository from another ePO server NOTE In the following steps, ePO-B is the ePO server that is will. Do not select any of the following package types McAfee Agent ePO Agent Key Updater It is recommended that you select only the packages listed.

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