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I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a collection of project assets that I could use in those apps, like text styling, colors, and graphics in one easily accessible place.

I’ve created workarounds in the past, but Adobe now has an answer: Creative Cloud Libraries.

So then we have 2 process streams running at the same time.

These resources provide students with a valuable tool for post-training practice, using familiar files and lessons.A library item is a file that contains blocks of code that you can place anywhere within your markup.With library items, you write snippets of HTML, CSS, Java Sript, etc., that may be common to all your web pages.Late in 2014, Adobe came out with a new feature called Libraries for Creative Cloud.Using Libraries, we can save project content such as graphics, text formatting, and colors, and share that same content between apps and with others.The problem is, I copied (ctrl a) & (ctrl c) and pasted all files into another folder (on another drive)...and when I go to edit the template and library files in Dreamweaver, they do not update their child-pages. I went back into my other drive (that I had initially made the website in), and updated something on the template page, and a thing pops up and goes through the process of updating each of the child pages. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with copying the files to another drive, that makes it not update? If that does not recognise that the page you updated has children it will likely be an issue because of the path of the files.Unfortunately Dreamweaver doesn’t handle this situation the way that it should, which would be to run one stream first and then run the second one.The instructions above are the way that I found is best to avoid this problem. In the October 2014 release of Photoshop and Illustrator CC, a new feature called (see Figure 1) are a powerful feature that lets you create, categorize, share, and store your favorite colors, brushes, text styles, graphics, and vector images in one easily accessible place.That Library content can be accessed on any machine or mobile app that supports Libraries, as long as you log in with the same Adobe ID.


  1. Working with Templates. Previewing completed files; Creating a template from an existing layout; Inserting editable regions; Producing child pages; Updating a template; Using Library items; Using server-side includes.

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