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and and Sunday S4.00 per week; daily only and on weekends. The perception exisi.s that Espy was Von the take.” . To government officials at every level: There arc no free lunches. M.) Current-Argus American TV fails to reflect real-sexual lives A new survey offers a view of Amcri- dom sa^mpj^ing involved interviews cans' sex lives that might suiprise any- with thousands o f people. Monog am y is t he rule for the vast New Y ork conductcd.thc-study -majority d T-rtiarried-people.--More The-study-scems to of Tcra morc-rc— than 80 percent of Americans have alistic view of American sexual had just one sex partner - or no part- ; habits than has been seen elsewhere ners - in the past year. Whether Espy looked the oilwr way for Tyson or Quaker is irrelevant. Myths, one and Chicago and the State University of all. Out of slnte ralci: lisilv an': ■ ; Joscpliat resigned his commis- ^ ^ — sion-in-disgtist-nftcr-thc“(fap= — --Ha|tien ftrefight.- — ■ BOSSES WEEK —O. QBEEL 1 0 J 5 Ci/l us,..irerfc/(i.'cn -123Mrfir Avirf«Tw Iirro Br*734i8S9l (Us Gtd Country Gill Goidw) I OFF CLEARANCE RBrni Tm b Li V I EH S Sa SPLasi FRIDAY SATURDAY KANAKA RAPID. - - j-r - • _ Espy has repaid'tnorc^'than-Wt600— to individuals and firms for his travel and sports- enterta inmentr-l s-lhe- USDA so poor or is Espyso under-" paid that he could not pay for his himself? — l^soarchor-s^orm-the-yniversity-or- ^G QP coup could impact U. economy Witli less ilian tour weeks twtorc the con- Swinging singles? Thank goodness, look ever at Americans’ sexual prac- tices. \^^atevcr_th e_explan ation.-it-cari Upossirr: .bly_bc-good-cnough-to-rejcct-Andcr“ son's reasonable request. — Ifilic GOEdocs tak c -b^ bouses for the first -fimein ‘l Oycarsrthc d Tca on lhcccoromy=and“ on individual businesses - could be ■^'■■■'•\tiiz-^''' ■ V-V •V-.-. It’s j Usfa typical ^Mi HMiiv-ui-a-tvponen rite minutes tick away, as the paper’s deadline arrives for a story about two men wrongfully arrested . Hackett knows they didn’t do it; Alicia wants to stick wjlll the originni h rn Ht! Minieo’s Chad Knight converted a throw-in into a perfect pass to strctiking team- mate Dallas Olmstead, who punched it in for the score. who S-undcr for the day when iional field was sfiii nn -ii Hn-Worig , — 7 -In-thc-boxing-ring.-Uzbekiston- joincd South Korea and Kazakhstan os double winners. P f2A one o f his mo^ PMnfuld efcms Thursday Wnrirf rhamr.;nne Wa-iimil — i Senior Discount • 25Ve oil reaula; open rates ■ Student Discount ■25‘'e oft regular open rales rales 7 d3)-s regitlai Dfice7 days free on iiemi lui sale., | e Cannoi Mus M witnoiher discounisorrealeslale ’ 5 tinss, 30 days, S5.00 • Free Ads • Losi S found S items to give away. 3 days —lot sale-ads-Weeks musi funcoftseculnt^.— ( ■ ■ — • Cer details on specials by calling a Tms-News Coslmer Seivice Reptesenmive. 201 AOIHMSTRATTON/ MANAGEMENT caro glvora be coninod, . Most people's cn identified themselves as homosex- lives never matched the silly excesses ual or bisexual, far below the often- depicted on the tube. has indicated that those who live their The study’s authors say it is the lives modestly, faithfully and scn.si- most comprehensive and objective bly aren't alone. A Uawyer^oid^iry‘‘likelyi Hhat'^th'cr“ grounds for withholding information _will__apply_cxisting.records-per— taining to these individuals.” Suclfas? "Gooding’s taking 40“minut S’ to wann up.’’ coach Joe Kren said to no one in particular as his team lost momentum the half, _ Moments later. CAeikgc LSMcd.o Uinger,cmpling — ltd' ho snid.-H e-jand h~r;iar;.nrr,;^.r- -o eomchaclmlicniocccsilul cancer imicd hy ihc lack orviciorics. s-Lnura-D V IRGi N I A' WATERr Englina— A — ^ ^ rejovcnatcd-Scvc-BBl Ieateroa-ovcnged — Wc Lwcathcr halts I. Mc Daniclalso •fl^beln strc.sscd-that-u.sually-cpilcptrcs:arrho'r . purchase in the waning moments of the •council mccthig. ."Whal one person ' ot each month when she appears secs, another may not. He said he had thought the Urban Renewal Agency - and noi the city - wa.s going to get the'buildiiig: — r- • But the city’s purchase agreement made Please see GRAYBILL/A2 1 Magic Valley...! Cnllsa K.5uparq mo hii i iuw t Ulirtg pan-timo evening desk ■ Ian Managomoni Corp. tn OEOCRAPHER-EDITp R |r«vin Fala County is aoxoi- Seeking vcraalllo and clo. '® vldoographor-odiior limo Dlapatchar lor the w*h n^nlmum oltwo yonrt Ap^atpi^Easttond Df. Theauc- «*poi*n«»lnpub Ilcoilair8 casstui candidaio will have documenlary stylojvo- good tole^erw skills, typ- 6ucilon. Prollelom ^6 OFFICE NURSF inpspoodo UO words per ownw Atec Jnktww; export- m Uip and the abllily t O: en7 %; Send resume te wlfillfii «? Terrorist, but would , ^ you mind signing this pemtission slip so : ~ the U. ie l-iler Wildcats final- - ly nailed down the second in the Canyon Conferenee filial standings by nip- ping Wendell 19-17. Monday when the -district Class-A-3-toumamcnt-opcns-in- the— Wendell gymnasium. ' Tm /T - ’ «»'P up will) the avid golfers Irom the insur- Wc’rcgoingtochangethat."Schustcrsaid.- ^^on-do Harwinn^F ^l^I ^-a^^^b^^^ tour, birdied the last hole for a 9- before thc'slart offt S^ o win more than one. Japan’s Kcnji Ndkazonc 16-8 at ftyweight and light welterweight Reynaldo Galido stopped Usman Ullah Khan of Paki5tan 'in T ofihe fir st miind Tbc Associated Pre-reoon3 tde Tcdr-*AV clt . $ 7.95 per Una 16.30 days .40per Una ^ unable to call or come by The Tirnes-News omce, simply c Up and mall this orde W lom to our classified depart ment so that w e can g et your ad started without delay. C.: and Heavy rninand strong winds battered much of the .42 in Hickoiy. The scientifically selected ran- — Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald Terrorists need privacjvtoo Pardon me, Mr. iv/’ Timcs-Ncws writer .'and Twin Fal ls couniie s iirc-similarv — Resourccs-has allowed~Ca'S~s.ia'^ ”ly d«»ignuu:rwam3thim;dcad, and the paper-’s-editor Bemie While (Robert Duvall) is liaving thoughts of mortali- ty as he learns of a cancerous prostate. Gooding came 0*01 aggressively in the second half, and caught a break when a foul resulted in a- penalty kick 14 minutes into the -perioti ’ Wendell Wh NDFLL - It look two hours and 10 minuics to do it hut i! The victory means J'iler will take on Glenns Ferry at 6 p,ni. 'ft Shoes to balf for two hours and drink for five. Mansucto Velasco opened the Philippine blitz by outpointing Thailand’s Pramuansak Phosuwan 11-9 at .light .flyweight, Elias “ Recaido- beat. i Seebfder Jonn open.iaie- lime f Hews reserves the light lo censor, reclassify or rejecl any classilied advemsemeni not i ceive aiiadiustml. Brnmimammnmimim •CLASSIFIED ORDER FORM* Mail your order form to: The Times-News CUSTOMER SERVICE P. Box 548 Tt Aiin Falls, lilaho 83303 Pa y Sclieiliile Humber of Days - Charae per line r-3 days .09 per line S-7 days: .76 per lino _i15 days.............„..........'.._..„....:.


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