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The Indian rupee was made Ceylon's standard coin on 26 September 1836, and Ceylon reverted to the Indian currency area.

Pound-denominated treasury notes continued to circulate after 1836, along with the rupee.

In 1998 a bimetallic commemorative 10 rupee coin was released.

Like earlier forerunner rupee denominations, these were again only issued in limited supply, not intended to replace the corresponding banknotes.

It was the first multi-colour coin issued by the Central Bank.

Commemorative coins issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka: During the 1920s (and in some cases the 1930s) the one rupee (mentioned above), two rupee (1925–39), two types of five rupee (1925––39), two types of 10 rupee (1927––39), 50 rupee (1922–39), 100 rupee (1926–39), 500 rupee (1926), and 1,000 rupee (1929) notes were all in circulation. From 1977, banknotes were issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Production of the ​ cent ceased in 1940, with bronze 1 cent introduced in 1942 with reduced weight and thickness.

is occasionally used to distinguish it from other currencies also called rupee.In 1976, commemorative seven-sided 2 rupee and ten-sided 5 rupee coins were introduced in limited numbers.In 1978, devaluation prompted aluminum to be the replacement of nickel-brass in the 5 and 10 cents, while shortly after 1 and 2 cents were discontinued.In 1919, the fineness of silver used was reduced from .800 to .550.Between 19, a wholesale change in the coinage was carried out.In 1944, nickel-brass, scalloped shaped 2 and 10 cents coins were introduced.The scalloped 10 cents coin replaced the silver 10 cents coin.Cupro-nickel 2 rupees and aluminium-bronze 5 rupees coins were introduced in 1984 fully replacing the corresponding banknotes.In 1987, commemorative 10 rupees were released which like the 5 cent coin was square with round edges.Later 2 cent coins issued in 1957 were the only coins from this period to ever depict Queen Elizabeth II.Coins with the portrait of King George VI continued to be issued despite his death.


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