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Disaster movie im dating matt damon

"I'm not referred to on the street as the Cavernous Princess for nothing.

A nomenclature well-deserved, most assuredly." The PG-13 presents an alternative shot of the others, as well as the line "If you've got 5 bucks or some meth..." Unrated 7 sec longer (-) The princess elaborates on her meeting with the wizard: "His penis kept reappearing in all sorts of different places." 3,9 sec (-) One of the Chipmunks clings onto Will, saying "Chipmunks love nuts! 2,2 sec () The Chipmunk is seen a few frames earlier. 0,6 sec (-) ..is also longer in the end, Will smashes the Chipmunk against the wood one more time.

Then Lisa dances towards Calvin, he says: "Oh, okay.

You get on it." * 16,9 sec * (-) Indiana fondling Amy: "Baby, how did you get into it with him. " * 20,9 sec * (-) The princess again: "You're a talking panda.

Disaster Movie, the newest sorry effort of the both, has literally become a box office disaster, then torn to pieces all over the Internet.

Along with various poison spewing video-reviews, the battle for the top rank in the Imdb's Bottom 100 has also been a pleasure. Those who liked the already mentioned films of the infamous couple will enjoy this movie as well.

The parts with differing text have been provided with alternative, yet similar footage. The following two shots of Iron Man do not differ; only the text is different - same with the first lines of the princess and her prince. ) - The bitch (= chick) who's fucking (= dating) Iron Man. And I think I might have fucked (= dated) that hot assassin. Sad to say, but it's true, he fucks (= dates) the Chipmunks, yeaaah! No time difference The outtakes during the credits have been extended as well.

The bold parts display the text from the Unrated while those in italics display the text from the PG-13. - A most uncomfortable screw but I fuck (= date) the princess too. That's I-R-O-N M-A-N and I fuck him in the mouth (= I like his tin can). However, no time difference emerges, for the rest of the credits runs in front of a plain black screen a bit earlier in the PG-13.

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PG-13: "You must be bumming harder than Siegfried after Roy got attacked by that white bengal." Unrated: "I'd offer you my sexual favors, but I've got a lot of mucus discharge lately." Unrated 0,9 sec longer - (-) A few of the princess' sentences have been taken out.

However, most of the time this is only a matter of re-integrating deleted scenes into the film.

Disaster Movie, however, is an actual PG-13 movie that really was censored in order to get this rating - especially the "I'm fucking (Matt Damon)" song at the end where every "fuck" has been removed from the PG-13 version, thus rendering the gag (if one wants to call the regurgitation of a video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show a "gag") completely useless.

You should be with me." Then Wolf: "Also, when I make love to a girl, she's also been Wolfed. Come back to my magical kingdom, and I'll show you my talking beaver. Milk in your mouth." * 14 sec (-) More of Amy Winehouse, hitting on the Cro-Magnon dude; "Hang on a bit.

I don't hit her with a stick, I just have sex with her. Carrie is splattered with breast milk again: "It just keeps coming.


  1. Your dating Matt Damon well I'm dating. song at the end of Disaster Movie. And with all this romantic atmosphere Disaster's in the air Can.

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  3. Wat are the lyrics to the dating song in disaster movie. I'm dating Matt damon. at my locker in the car I give her head im also dating the.

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